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“T.E.A.M.” Together Everyone Achieves More!

The Veteran Small Business movement is much, much more than a ground swell, it is a full blown, very real movement and it is gaining momentum each and everyday.  More and more websites are being dedicated to Veteran Small Business and Entrepreneurship as more and more people realize that Small Business really is the backbone of the American economy and will lead our recovery.  The Small Business community drives the job market and as goes Small Business so goes the Economy.  Right now, Small Business is sputtering, popping, starting, stopping, jerking, lunging forward all as the country contracts and expands in an effort to dig ourselves out of a near recession.  Money is tight, but you already knew that!  How do we get our small businesses off the ground when the people with money (you know, the ones WE bailed out) won’t let us borrow any?  Part of the solution to that question is creative financing; everything from borrowing money from family and friends to finding venture capitalists to selling ownership percentages in your businesses to selling personal assets to raise capital to finding angel investors to.…the list goes on and on and on.  You are only limited here by your own imagination and the amount of ownership you are willing to give up in order to move your business forward.  THIS TOPIC WILL BE COVERED LATER AND IN GREATER DETAIL BY A FINANCIAL EXPERT.   

As Veterans and Business Owners, many of us are faced with these same challenges and opportunities.  One potential solution I will advance for our community is TEAMING.  TEAMING with other Veteran Owned Small Businesses can be good for all businesses involved, can minimize risk by spreading them among the TEAM,  can help address the issue of contract bundling,  can help others work and reach profitability sooner, can help keep your business and employees working and can keep your doors open.  TEAMING is nothing to be afraid of and is actually something to be embraced.  Integrity, character and honor make TEAMING work.  Remember; Together Everyone Achieves More!   

This site has awesome potential and can positively impact many lives, but the ground truth is this, “it will only be as good as we make it.”   We can write a myriad of articles about Government Contracting and Business Development, but they will all miss their mark, if they are not speaking to your concerns.  With that in mind, we humbly and respectfully solicit your feedback and suggestions.   





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Fast Cash

There are several clichés out here and we’ve all hear them – if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, you have to work for what you get, you get what you work for, nothing worth having comes easy and on and on and on. Enough of the clichés, I think we all know what I’m talking about here. In the Government Contracting world, we’re talking about the seductive promise of fast cash, residual income for doing little to no work;

– Everybody is doing it
– This is how the game is played
– Are you going to be a real player or just sit on the sidelines?
– If you like, you can learn the business from us, and then you can do this work on your own

I imagine these are some of the routine lines used by people with more contracting knowledge that you, that are fast, smooth talkers, and sound so very convincing. People that are willing to set you up in business and “even do all the work.” All you have to do is;

– Cash checks
– Sign some legal documents making certain pledges and obligations to them
– Get a few choice certifications
– Sign the bid and proposal documents “they” will prepare for you
– When you win the selected solicitation/bid, subcontract all the work to them

Sound familiar to anyone? This is a sure fire recipe for disaster – a losing business deal for the individual Veteran Small Business owner and a losing business deal for the Small Business community as a whole. When we knowingly or unknowingly allow ourselves to be taken advantage of this way;

– We are hurting our fellow Vets and the Small Business community
– We are taking money off the table that should rightly go to enrich the lives of our deserving families
– We are taking money off the table that should be reinvested in our businesses to make them bigger, stronger, better, more efficient
– We are taking money off the table that could be used in a teaming/partnering agreement with another Veteran Owned Small Business to help both companies grow and be able to successfully compete for future work

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About Our Editor

My name is MAJ Timothy C. Woods, U.S. Army (Ret).  I am a decorated Combat Veteran of Operation Desert Storm, Operation Joint Endeavor, Operation Desert Thunder and Operation Enduring Freedom.  I served over 8 years as a Field Artillery Officer and over 12 years in the Army Acquisition Corps, most of it as a Contracting Officer.  Today, I am a Master Business Development Specialist with the  Government Contracting Small Business Development Center  in Dallas.  I successfully navigate Small Business Owners through the complex and often times confusing maze of Government Contracting; at the federal, state or local level.  I have served at the Center for Government Contracting (CGC) for 5 years and have proven results helping countless Small Businesses.  I am DAWIA Level III Certified in Contracting, a Veterans Advocate and a Service-Disabled Veteran.

updated 3/25/2010

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Welcome to the Veterans Business Resources blog

The purpose of this BLOG is to share Business Development information with the Veteran Small Business Community.  Specifically, we will share our Business Development knowledge as relates to Government Contracting.  Contracting with the government can be quite intimidating, at a minimum, it is complex and confusing.  We will make it less complex and less confusing.
Contracting with the government can also be profitable when done properly.  We want the Veteran Small Business community to actively and fully participate in Government Contracting and have an opportunity to share in an estimated 100 billion dollar enterprise.
Some of my personal observations of the Veteran Small Business Community are;
  • They are in desperate need of the information we will share
  • Often times don’t know where or how to find this information
  • Many times can’t afford to pay for this information
  • Often mislead into agreeing to bad business deals and bad business relationships because they simply don’t know this information
  • Don’t understand the awesome power of their Veteran status and how to properly leverage it
  • Don’t fully understand how to bridge the capacity and capability gap between where they currently are vs. where they need to be in order to win government contracts, and finally
  • Deserving of this information and the help it will provide as they grow their small businesses.
I guess by now you can tell I have a bias toward Veterans, especially since I am one too!
My fellow Veterans, this information is for us!  Our time is now!  Countless numbers of people and businesses are getting and have gotten wealthy off WAR and the sacrifices of the American fighting man and woman.  It is only fair to say that because of the vision, creativity, innovation and dedication of many patriotic American business people, countless lives have been saved on battlefields around the world.  Through the technologically advanced platforms, programs and processes brought to bear on the modern battlefield; we can effectively engage the enemy and have greatly increased survivability rates.  We are forever grateful for their service and business acumen.  These innovators and visionaries have been handsomely compensated for their efforts and value they provided to the government.
While the Department of Defense is the largest single buyer in the U.S. government, it is by no means the only agency spending large sums of money.  The government buys everything from paper clips to rocket ships so there is an agency that needs what you bring to the table.  Part of the challenge and complexity is finding exactly who that agency is.
Now it is our turn to share in the promise and reality of the American Dream.
This is the first of many BLOGs about the nuances of Government Contracting dedicated to the Veteran Small Business community.  This BLOG will be updated weekly on Monday by 12 noon CST.  We look forward to responding to your individual post so check back often.  We will continue to post on general areas impacting our community as a whole.  Together we will make a significant difference in what is possible and achievable for the Veteran Small Business community.

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