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Welcome to the Veterans Business Resources blog

The purpose of this BLOG is to share Business Development information with the Veteran Small Business Community.  Specifically, we will share our Business Development knowledge as relates to Government Contracting.  Contracting with the government can be quite intimidating, at a minimum, it is complex and confusing.  We will make it less complex and less confusing.
Contracting with the government can also be profitable when done properly.  We want the Veteran Small Business community to actively and fully participate in Government Contracting and have an opportunity to share in an estimated 100 billion dollar enterprise.
Some of my personal observations of the Veteran Small Business Community are;
  • They are in desperate need of the information we will share
  • Often times don’t know where or how to find this information
  • Many times can’t afford to pay for this information
  • Often mislead into agreeing to bad business deals and bad business relationships because they simply don’t know this information
  • Don’t understand the awesome power of their Veteran status and how to properly leverage it
  • Don’t fully understand how to bridge the capacity and capability gap between where they currently are vs. where they need to be in order to win government contracts, and finally
  • Deserving of this information and the help it will provide as they grow their small businesses.
I guess by now you can tell I have a bias toward Veterans, especially since I am one too!
My fellow Veterans, this information is for us!  Our time is now!  Countless numbers of people and businesses are getting and have gotten wealthy off WAR and the sacrifices of the American fighting man and woman.  It is only fair to say that because of the vision, creativity, innovation and dedication of many patriotic American business people, countless lives have been saved on battlefields around the world.  Through the technologically advanced platforms, programs and processes brought to bear on the modern battlefield; we can effectively engage the enemy and have greatly increased survivability rates.  We are forever grateful for their service and business acumen.  These innovators and visionaries have been handsomely compensated for their efforts and value they provided to the government.
While the Department of Defense is the largest single buyer in the U.S. government, it is by no means the only agency spending large sums of money.  The government buys everything from paper clips to rocket ships so there is an agency that needs what you bring to the table.  Part of the challenge and complexity is finding exactly who that agency is.
Now it is our turn to share in the promise and reality of the American Dream.
This is the first of many BLOGs about the nuances of Government Contracting dedicated to the Veteran Small Business community.  This BLOG will be updated weekly on Monday by 12 noon CST.  We look forward to responding to your individual post so check back often.  We will continue to post on general areas impacting our community as a whole.  Together we will make a significant difference in what is possible and achievable for the Veteran Small Business community.

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