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“T.E.A.M.” Together Everyone Achieves More!

The Veteran Small Business movement is much, much more than a ground swell, it is a full blown, very real movement and it is gaining momentum each and everyday.  More and more websites are being dedicated to Veteran Small Business and Entrepreneurship as more and more people realize that Small Business really is the backbone of the American economy and will lead our recovery.  The Small Business community drives the job market and as goes Small Business so goes the Economy.  Right now, Small Business is sputtering, popping, starting, stopping, jerking, lunging forward all as the country contracts and expands in an effort to dig ourselves out of a near recession.  Money is tight, but you already knew that!  How do we get our small businesses off the ground when the people with money (you know, the ones WE bailed out) won’t let us borrow any?  Part of the solution to that question is creative financing; everything from borrowing money from family and friends to finding venture capitalists to selling ownership percentages in your businesses to selling personal assets to raise capital to finding angel investors to.…the list goes on and on and on.  You are only limited here by your own imagination and the amount of ownership you are willing to give up in order to move your business forward.  THIS TOPIC WILL BE COVERED LATER AND IN GREATER DETAIL BY A FINANCIAL EXPERT.   

As Veterans and Business Owners, many of us are faced with these same challenges and opportunities.  One potential solution I will advance for our community is TEAMING.  TEAMING with other Veteran Owned Small Businesses can be good for all businesses involved, can minimize risk by spreading them among the TEAM,  can help address the issue of contract bundling,  can help others work and reach profitability sooner, can help keep your business and employees working and can keep your doors open.  TEAMING is nothing to be afraid of and is actually something to be embraced.  Integrity, character and honor make TEAMING work.  Remember; Together Everyone Achieves More!   

This site has awesome potential and can positively impact many lives, but the ground truth is this, “it will only be as good as we make it.”   We can write a myriad of articles about Government Contracting and Business Development, but they will all miss their mark, if they are not speaking to your concerns.  With that in mind, we humbly and respectfully solicit your feedback and suggestions.   





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