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Remember years ago, make that many years ago, when Saturday Night Live (SNL) was brand new and really funny? The cast in those early years on SNL was known as the “NOT READY for Prime Time Players.” Well, each of them put in their time, studied their craft, experimented with different roles, grew as individuals and entertainers, honed their skills and made us laugh every Saturday night. As time passed, different cast members left the show in search of greater fame and fortune. After a period of time all the original cast members had moved on to bigger and better things. Funny thing, almost ALL of them achieved the fame and fortunes they sought. Now, you older types are thinking, “You know what, he is right, they did become big stars” others of you are thinking “ok, but what does this have to do with me?” Here is what it has to do with you. Many of you reading this post fit into the “NOT READY for Prime Time Players” category, but like the original cast members of SNL, you too can and will go on to accomplish your goals and dreams, if that’s what you really want. You already have everything it takes to get there, we just need to develop it some more. By virtue of your successful service to our great Country, you’ve proven you have the right stuff and qualities that set you apart from the crowd. You have; the passion, the discipline, the dedication, the organization and management skills, the mission focus, the never quit attitude, the integrity, plus an acute understanding of duty, honor and loyalty, just to name a few.

There are 3 simple truths about Government Contracting that I want everyone reading this post to understand and remember;

1. Government Contracting is Hard Work
2. Government Contracting takes Time
3. Government Contracting is Worth It

As we journey through this process, the reality of each of the above statements will ring true. We can answer most of your questions and concerns here in this Blog and on the Veterans Business Resources (VBR) Facebook site, we can even direct you to No – Low Cost agencies/resources that can help and provide hands-on solutions for your contracting needs. One thing that we can not do is eliminate the need for you to self educate about this business of Government Contracting. The attention to detail that helped you advance through the ranks must be on full display 100% of the time whether building your business or dealing with customers.

Government Contracting and General Business are more closely aligned than one might suspect. Many of the same things required to be successful in General Business are also required in Government Contracting. For example, in each category, one must have;

1. Processes
2. Relationships
3. Homework/Research
4. Niche

Before we can drill down deeper into any of the above categories, we must first create the look of a company poised to do business with the government. These are the broad categories that help us create that special look;

1. Getting Started
2. Registration
3. Research
4. Networking
5. Proposals

The 5 categories listed above are part of a detailed Contracting Checklist aimed at getting us all off to a great start and with a solid foundation. We will post that detailed Contracting Checklist on the Discussions Boards later this week.


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