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Understanding the Checklist; Part 3

Part 3 and Part 5 are the shortest parts.  That means we have less work to do in each of those parts, right?  Not quite, actually the opposite is true.  Parts 3 and 5 will be your most labor intensive parts of the Checklist because you will perform these tasks on a fairly consistent basis.  Some people will even choose to develop an aggressive schedule.  The successful ones will consistently follow the schedule.

“This sounds like tedious work, do I personally have to do it?”

No, you can hire someone to do it or you can pay for a service provider that does it for you.

NOTE: The tasks in Parts 3 and 5 are labor and money intensive and absolutely must be covered in your Business Plan.  You can burn through a lot of money very fast doing this work, but it has to be done, there is no short-cut or workaround.

  • You can only win contracts when you’re prepared.
  • You can only be prepared when you do the proper research.
  • You can only win contracts when you’re in the game.
  • You can only be in the game when you find solicitations and submit proposals.

I realize the following statement might seem contradictory to what you may have read or heard, but the reality is that 95 to 97 percent of all contract awards are for under $25,000.

How can that be?  Everything listed on Fedbizopps is over $25,000, right?  “Fedbizopps is where I should look to find opportunities, right?”  That’s right on all counts; Fedbizopps is still a great place to find opportunities, including Sources Sought.

TIP: Respond to Sources Sought and monitor Fedbizopps to see if/when a solicitation comes out for the work described in the Sources Sought.  Send the Contract Specialist a “thank you” e-mail thanking them for the opportunity to respond to the Sources Sought.

“OK, so where do I find those solicitations for UNDER $25,000? Where are they listed?”

You can usually find solicitations for under $25,000 on agency internal websites.  Another really good way to find out about these solicitations is through establishing professional business relationships with target agencies.

OSDBU website: The OSDBU website gives you contact information for the Small Business Specialists (SBS) at each of and all the federal agencies.  These are the agency people to start with when you’re looking to do business with the federal government.  Their counterparts at public and private companies are Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLO) and can be found on respective company websites.

So here again is the Checklist, Part 3:

3.  Research:

  • Research government and prime contractor targets to find out which agencies and companies are most likely to buy the products and services you provide.
  • Scan fedbizopps:
  • Scan federal agency Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) offices:
  • Scan state, county and local government Websites.
  • Talk to contracting officers at your local military installations, VA hospital, IRS center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office and federal and state offices for local opportunities.
  • Research the “small business” or “supplier diversity” Websites of potential customers to learn about their contracting opportunities.

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