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Over the past several weeks we received the Contracting Checklist, learned how to understand it and how to use it.  Some of us might still be working on various parts of the checklist and that’s OK.  The important thing is that you now have the tool, understand it and are using it.  As I mentioned throughout, this checklist can and will be used often as you always want to project the best possible image of your company and yourself.  We accomplish that objective by ensuring our company information is always current.  That sounds like another list doesn’t it?  For me it is.  That is one more thing on my ever growing list of things that must get done.  You may have another system or method that works best for you.  Again, the important thing is that it gets done.  “OK, I understand why keeping my company information updated is important, but why is keeping that information updated important to my image?”  That’s a great question and I’m glad you asked.  Your company image and your personal image are inseparable and all part of your branding efforts.  We are in the process of building world class companies and perhaps one day going public and trading on the stock market.   

Many of you already operating a successful business can use this checklist to go back and rework or fine tune your foundation and potentially help increase the amount of new business you receive.  It is never too late to get your house in order and reposition yourself.  The business of Government Contracting is a marathon and not a sprint.  It is not for the faint of heart or for the person that just got in it to make a few quick dollars until the economy turns around then go back to their regular customer base and continue business as usual.  Oh no, this business of Government Contracting is almost tailor made for Veterans.  We already know how to hurry up and wait.  We understand the Chain of Command and how to respect and follow it.  We know how and why to use checklists.  We already understand the need for intelligence.  We are already well versed in leadership and management.  We have been preparing for this opportunity all of our military careers.  We are going to take all the intangibles we possess and the training, guidance and structure from the Veterans Business Resources and apply them to secure our share of the American dream.  We are going to practice and rehearse just like we would if this was a real wartime situation.  For those of us that ever had field duty, we know the kind of things we had to do to ensure we were ready to go and perform our mission under sometimes difficult conditions.  We know how to motivate ourselves and others.  We will discuss some of these qualities and other aspects of this business in more detail later.  Until then, see you on the high ground!


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