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Three Simple Truths

  • Government Contracting is HARD WORK!
  • Government Contracting takes TIME!
  • Government Contracting is WORTH IT! 

Veterans have never been afraid of HARD WORK and never will be.  You have built your career on hard work.  I remember years ago as a younger man, when the Army used the old (you could only score 300 points) PT grading scale and 13:06 minutes equaled 100 points for my age group in the 2-mile run.  The first time I took the Army PT test, I flunked it.  I passed the push ups and the sit-ups, but that 2-mile run kicked my butt.  The truth is I probably walked as much as I ran.  Boy was I embarrassed and “peed” off.  Well, I decided right then and there, that was it!  I would never again flunk another PT test, period!  For the next 20+ years I never did, but that’s another story for another time.  Here is the story I want you to know now.  I made up my mind that very day that I would start training and the next time we had another PT test I was not only going to finish the run, I was going to pass the PT test.  I started training and training and training.  I ran in boots, I ran without boots, I ran at night, I ran early in the morning, I ran in the misting rain.  I think I probably ran each and every opportunity I got.  I believe I scored 250 points on the next PT test and eventually got up to 275 points on another.  On our final PT test before summer, I had already scored 100 points in both the push ups and sit ups and was feeling really confident that a perfect 300 was within sight.  We all lined up for the 2-mile run, the gun sounded and we were off.  I felt really good, I was breathing fine, I had a great pace, my form was good, and I was relaxed and taking full comfortable strides.  I was even keeping up with some of the people that always scored 300 points on the PT test.  Yep, that’s right; I was feeling pretty good, pretty confident my goal was within reach.  We could see the finish line and all the early finishers.  This point is normally where you “kick” and I did.  The closer we got to the finish line, the more we could hear people yelling out the clock’s time, 12:30, 12:37, 12:46, 12:56, 57, 58, 59, 13:00 minutes.  My mouth had started to dry half a mile earlier and my lungs felt like they were on fire!  To my surprise, my smooth, steady stride was still with me, it was time to reach down and give it all I had, to gut it out to the finish line.  The time keeper shouted out 13:01, 13:04, 13:06 and then, finally I heard it, Woods, 13:09 minutes.  I scored 299 points on that PT test!  In the years that followed, the Army changed the grading standard for the PT test and I never again ran that fast.  It took a lot of really HARD WORK to go from flunking my first PT test and 2-mile run to scoring 100 points in both the push up and sit up events and coming within .03 seconds of scoring 100 points in the 2-mile run.  If you don’t already know, you will soon discover that Government Contracting is HARD WORK!       



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