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Three Simple Truths

  • Government Contracting is HARD WORK!
  • Government Contracting takes TIME!
  • Government Contracting is WORTH IT! 

The truth is that if we haven’t been exposed to or directly involved with Government Contracting, most of us don’t know that much, if anything about it.  Government Contracting is by its very nature complicated, bureaucratic and some might say, down right confusing.  The reality is, that it, like anything else, it can be learned.  The learning, the researching, the documenting, the doing, the documenting, the reviewing, the documenting, the analyzing, the documenting, the competing, the documenting, the losing, the documenting, the winning and the documenting, all take time.  I have found and continuously have one lesson of Government Contracting reinforced to me.  That lesson is that there are no short cuts = Government Contracting takes TIME! 

Our focus here is on federal contracting and for the vast majority of us, it will take 18 to 24 months or more before we win that initial government contract.  The initial contract is a major hurdle we have to successfully negotiate before we are truly in the game.  When we win the first government contract, we want to repeat that process time and time again.  When we lose, we want to avoid that process, forever.  How do we ensure we know what winning and losing look like, feel like, taste like?  We document of course.  During my military career, I was fortunate enough to work for a number of really great teachers who imparted some great life lessons to me.  One of my teachers/bosses taught me that “it is better to have a stubby pencil than to have a long memory any day.”  I remember that lesson as if it were yesterday and try to incorporate it into my daily life.  As I progress in seasoning, I understand the significance of that lesson more and more.  Some of you might be able to relate. 

Government Contracting is a continuous process of learning, growing and helping.  Learning the processes, growing both as an individual and as a business and helping those that come behind you.


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