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4 Basic Elements of Business

Government Contracting and General Business are more closely aligned than one might suspect.  Many of the same things required to be successful in General Business are also required in Government Contracting.  For example, in each category, one must have; 

1.  Processes

2.  Relationships

3.  Homework/Research

4.  Niche                

This post will focus on the “Process” of conducting business with the government.  No matter what the task; be it something as complicated as assembling a “Map Book” as the FIST NCOs did during my early years as a Field Artillery (FA) Officer or something as second nature as tying your shoes.  There is a process for virtually everything we do in life and conducting business with the government is no exception.  Each of us can and I’m sure will, identify different steps, in a different order for our individual processes, and that’s OK.  The most important thing is to begin to recognize and record your process.  As you think through and work through your process you will identify what does and does not work.  This is the perfect place for another story from my early career as a FA Officer.  I remember asking an older, wiser and much higher ranking soldier how I could be successful over my career.  I was expecting some long, complex, philosophical answer, but what he said to me was anything but complex. Actually, it was quite simple and instead caused me to have a “blinding flash of the obvious.”  He told me to get a journal, divide it in half; in the front half, write down everything I saw that was good and I wanted to model in my own career and in the back half, write down everything I saw that was bad and I never wanted to do in my career.  How difficult could that be?  Not difficult at all, so long as I had a journal with me at all times or remembered to record the action when I was in the same location as my journal.  In those days, I lived and worked in a fluid and dynamic environment.  To make this relatively simple piece of advice work I had to be disciplined enough to take time to record those good and bad situations.  Hey, we already established that Government Contracting is Hard Work and Takes Time, right?  So, I am sharing the advice of that old soldier with you now.  Write down the good and the bad, document, document, document your process.  The list you develop will likely change over time as you refine your process.  We have already covered some parts of “the process” in the Checklist itself.  Ensuring that your business maintains “the look” is a critical step in the process.  You are drawing the road map that others in your company can easily follow and duplicate the many successes you will surely enjoy.


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2 Responses

  1. slamdunk says:

    Good post. Knowing what direction that you want to go is essential–the journal suggestion is excellent.

    • Thank you for your observation and comment about the post. I encourage you to visit our Veterans Business Resources page on Facebook, look around and become a fan. All the information on the page is dedicated exclusively to the Veteran Small Business community and its FREE.

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