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4 Basic Elements of Business

Government Contracting and General Business are more closely aligned than one might suspect.  Many of the same elements required to be successful in General Business are also required in Government Contracting.  For example, in each category, one must have; 

1.  Processes

2.  Relationships

3.  Homework/Research

4.  Niche 

Relationships, relationships, relationships!  In business and in many aspects of life, it is all about relationships, all about who you know and who knows you.  At the tactical level, people conduct business with other people.  Unless we get this part of our process absolutely right at the tactical level, we will likely not advance to any higher levels.  If by chance we should advance to higher levels, our position there is only temporary because our businesses rest on a very weak foundation.  Further, people do business with 3 types of people; 1. People they know, 2. People they like and 3. People they trust.  The only way to establish yourself as those 3 types is through Networking.  Are you beginning to see how all the things we have talked about on VBR are all interrelated and interwoven?  All of the methods and techniques we discuss here may or may not work for you.  Still, all is not lost because you will at least have the outline to work from.  The exact details and processes will be those that work best for your individual business and will be developed by you for you.  Of that, you can and should be proud!  Our goal here is to educate and share our knowledge of Government Contracting with other Veterans.


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