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Free Throws and Networking for Success

Free Throws and Networking for Success.  What do these 2 seemingly totally opposite activities have in common?  They both can and do lead to Success.  Success to the basketball player might mean winning another title or even the NBA Championship as was the case for the Los Angeles Lakers just a few weeks ago.  Success to the Government Contractor might mean winning another job, another contract, getting one step closer to building that world class organization.  We all have different definitions for success.  Your definition of success might be different than mine and that’s perfectly OK.  

Many years ago when I was in high school and I thought I had real game, basketball was my sport, hands down!  I loved the game and the game loved me back.  The reality is I was good.  I was good not because I possessed any special athletic skills, a prototypical basketball body or because I could jump out of the gym.  I could, but that’s another story.  I was good because I played within myself and focused on the basics.  The Los Angeles Lakers played within themselves, focused on the basics and as a result, won another NBA Championship.  Their winning game 7 from the charity stripe highlights 2 basics I want to focus on.  Those 2 basics are follow-through and follow-up.  Ask any basketball player that is also a good free throw shooter the secret to their success from the charity stripe and they might just tell you – the follow-through and the follow-up.  The secret of making free throws is NOT exclusively about the strength in ones wrist, although that can certainly be part of the process.  The secret is the process itself, the follow-through and the follow-up.  The secret to Networking is also very much about the process.  It is about the follow-through and the follow-up.  I will not give a class on proper free throw techniques, but I will use 2 elements of the process to illustrate how Free Throws and Networking can lead to Success.  

Networking done right will result in new acquaintances, new relationships and business cards.  Hey, that’s exactly what you wanted to get from the Networking event, right?  Now that you have this information, what are you going to do with it?  It has already been a few days since forming these new business relationships and getting this contact information.  What now?  This part is critical.  Now is the time to follow-through and follow-up on those contacts.  These relationships and information might just be the ones to provide the breakthrough you’ve been looking and working for.  Stay in the game….follow-through and follow-up for Success.


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