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Government Contracting is a Team Sport

Government Contracting is a Team Sport.  Depending on your level of success at this point in the process will determine how much that statement resonates with you.  As we and our businesses grow, we will need to add different position players to our team.  We will need to add skill players to our team.  We can no longer afford to continue wearing all the hats.  We must learn to trust in our leaders and let some of the control go to other team members.  If you don’t already have them, these are three of the top skill players you will add to your team; 1.  the Contracts Attorney, 2.  the Accountant and 3.  the Capture Manager.  Now, let’s take a look at what these key players do for us.  The Contracts Attorney obviously is going to keep us out of jail.  He/she will keep us from doing things that are illegal as they relate to government contracting and advise us of our options when we’re considering filing a protest or claim.  He/she will also review all contracts to ensure we are “street legal” and not agreeing to anything that can blow up in our faces later.  The Accountant also helps keep us out of jail and the poor house as we continually build our businesses.  The Accountant will advise you of the latest tax laws, how they impact you and the business and advise you on all financial matters.  The Capture Manager is the S-3; he/she organizes and trains the people on the Capture Team.  The Capture Manager is responsible for proposal development, including maintaining schedules; coordinating inputs, reviews, strategy implementation; resolving internal problems; and providing process leadership.  In short, their job is to find and win government contracts.  

Clearly we must trust all 3 of these key people and know that we are all pulling the wagon in the same direction.  A good way to ensure that’s the case is for all the key leaders/players to have some “skin in the game.”  At the levels of success we aspire to, Government Contracting is a Team Sport.     



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