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Average White Band: “Person to Person”

“Person to person | face to face | person to person | one to one | just you and me | person to person | that’s just how it’s done.”  For those of you not familiar with that particular line of lyrical genius, it comes from one of the preeminent and legendary ‘70s bands,   Average White Band.  This particular part in their song talked about love and how it works best.  You too might agree with the concept that love works best when it’s person to person, face to face.  

The Average White Band were some “bad cats” (read good) back in the day!  They recorded a number of all time classics during their illustrious career.  Actually, they have too many classics to list here; besides, I don’t want to go down memory lane right now.  I do, however, want to share how their concept of “Person to Person” and perhaps a slightly different way of thinking about an action/activity critical to the long term success and survivability of our businesses can and will impact our future.  That action/activity is business itself.  Specifically, how business gets done.  At most of our level, that being the tactical level, business is done person to person, face to face.  Remember, business is primarily done with 3 types of people.  Those types are 1.  People you know, 2.  People you like and 3.  People you trust.  Think about it, when given the opportunity and the choice, we conduct our personal business with people we know, like and trust.  It’s no different as we progress up the food chain.  

We can never become these 3 people types to our customers from long distance, over the phone or via e-mail.  We have to get out of our offices, contact and visit them from time to time and build those professional relationships that lead to them knowing you, liking you and trusting you.  Unless and until we master this level of business interaction, we can hardly expect that we will have and enjoy long term business success and survivability.  However, with this critical action/activity solidly in place, and religiously practiced by everyone in our organizations, we have good reason to believe and expect that our businesses will grow, succeed and survive.  As we progress up the food chain and our titles become fancier, and our offices and other surroundings become fancier and fancier, don’t forget that some Veteran or group of Veterans somewhere down the line are making the successes you enjoy happen and they are making them happen just like the Average White Band said; person to person, face to face.


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