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Hip Shoot and the Basics

In the world of Field Artillery, a Hip Shoot is known as an emergency fire mission!  Someone has an emergency, they are in big trouble and need immediate relief and they need it right now!  And, in just a few seconds it’s going to rain down what seems like a solid sheet of fire from the sky!  If you have ever been in this situation and needed this kind of fire support, you know why the Field Artillery is called the “King of Battle” and why you never leave home without them.  If you have ever been in this situation, you really, really appreciate the “Gunnery Gods” that taught some young Fire Direction Officer (FDO) how to compute firing data, even on the hood of a jeep.  In my early years as a FA Officer, I too was a FDO.  Those were 18 of the most intense, alive and alert months of my life as a soldier!  Ask any FDO and they will surely tell you that each round that goes down range has their name, rank and SSN on it.  Its part of the job, it comes with the territory.  Each and every round that’s fired MUST stay safe; it must stay in the box.  All the rounds MUST land in the impact area.  Entire Chain’s of Command have been relieved for firing out of safe.  I am exceedingly proud to report that every round we fired during my 18 months as FDO landed in the impact area!  The Hip Shoot is one of several fire missions that the FDO and the Fire Direction Center (FDC) must be able to execute flawlessly.  The Hip Shoot is one of the basics.  Being able to master and command the basics in any endeavor is critical to ones ability to successfully manage and navigate more complex matters.  

Unless and until we master the basics of contracting with the government, we will continue to be frustrated and forever remain in search of that ever elusive “silver bullet.”  We already have much of the ammunition we need to be successful in our contracting efforts, but often overlook it because we are searching in the wrong places.  Here’s the ironic part, almost everything we need is right there in plain sight, just an arm’s length away.  All we have to do is grab hold and execute, execute, execute, execute.  Execute the basics over and over and over again until we get the results we are looking for.  At this point, you might be asking yourself, “What is he talking about?”  I’m talking about the Contracting Checklist and the first 2 of the Three Simple Truths.  We did a series on Understanding the Checklist and Three Simple Truths that will help you in this Basics process. 

There are certainly more challenging and complex parts of contracting with the government, but my observation is that in our quest for success, we often make the process more complex and complicated than it need be.  

Just like that young FA Officer that serves as a FDO has to get the Hip Shoot down cold by understanding the basics, we too have to understand and religiously apply the Basics of Government Contracting. 

See you on the high ground!  


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