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Chase that Rabbit – Down the Hole

I have liked Bugs Bunny since I was a kid.  When my son, who is today a grown man, was a kid, we would watch Bugs Bunny cartoons together.  Truth be told, I still like Bugs Bunny and occasionally watch his cartoons today.  The storyline is always the same, but I keep returning to watch over and over again.  Based on the longevity and success of the cartoon series and the fact that it hasn’t changed much over the years, I know I’m not the only adult that still watches Bugs Bunny.  

Anyway, back to the story.  Invariably Bugs will raid Elmer Fud’s garden or do something else to irritate him and then its on.  There is always a chase, Bugs running playfully along while eating a carrot and cracking jokes, with Elmer trailing at a slight distance and firing his shotgun in Bug’s general direction.  The chase carries us through some funny events and/or locations and at the very last minute, Bugs always dives down a rabbit hole.  Elmer, who is now closer and still firing his shotgun sees Bugs dive in the hole. This is where Elmer always loses him, in the hole.  At this point, I, along with the rest of the viewing audience know what’s coming next.  Elmer is going to run up to the hole and fire a few rounds into it.  Then Elmer is going to place his shotgun on the ground, get down on his hands and knees and stick his hand down the hole and feel all about.  Elmer will feel something that he thinks is Bugs but is actually a keg of gun powder, a stick of dynamite, a wild animal, a big bear trap etc, etc.  

Elmer will be blown up or caught in the bear trap or something else will happen to him that makes us all laugh.  Just one time, I want to see Elmer chase Bugs down that hole.  I believe the outcome would be 100% different.  Elmer would finally capture Bugs, the series would be over and millions of adults would forever lose another tie to our youth, but, Elmer would have finally won the war with Bugs Bunny. 

How does this story apply to you and Government Contracting?  This story applies to many of us because we approach Government Contracting the same way Elmer Fud approaches catching and capturing Bugs.  Elmer is not willing or never thinks to go down the hole himself.  Too many of us are not willing to go down that hole to where the prize is.  We stop just short of mission complete.  When we learn to chase procurement opportunities all the way down the hole, we will know for sure if there is or is not an opportunity for us.  Many, many times we will discover just another empty hole, but I believe that one day soon, we will discover our prize at the bottom of that hole. 

Don’t quit, don’t you ever quit, Chase that Rabbit – Down the Hole. 

See you on the high ground!           


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