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Congratulations! You’re Certified, Now What?

Congratulations!!!  All the challenging work of answering some relatively difficult and slightly intrusive personal questions is over.  All the collecting, analyzing, processing, sorting and assimilating the required supporting documents is over.  You finally completed the applications and after checking them one more time, put them in the mail.  Your family can finally have the dining table back as you no longer need it to layout and assemble the application packets.  [Actually you sort of enjoyed laying everything out, it reminded you of your time in the military and all the layouts you’ve gone through.  This is just another small example of how your military training qualifies you for the work of Government Contracting.  You used your keen attention to detail skills to assemble all the required supporting documents and get everything right the first time through].  It looks like everything has finally paid off.  You actually passed your site visit the first time around.  The wait is officially over as you received your APPROVED certifications in the mail today.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  YOU’RE CERTIFIED!!!  NOW WHAT? 

Yes indeed, now what?  You’ve always heard that you needed to get your certifications, but why?  What is the real significance of having the certifications anyway?  Where and how do you leverage the power of the certifications?  These are all very good and appropriate questions.  Before we address them, allow me to state that there are only 2 certifications available to us at the federal level.  Those certifications are 1.  The 8(a) Business Development certification and 2.  The Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) certification.  WHAT?!  I thought there were more than 2 certifications.  What about the Veteran certification?  To date, there is no Veteran certification.  There is only a Veteran verification and that process is conducted through the Center for Veterans’ Enterprise (CVE).  I will discuss the Veteran verification process in a future post. 

Back to the issue of certifications and how best to leverage them.  Certifications are not a panacea, and they alone will not get contracts awarded to your organization.  Certifications can turn contract opportunities into sole source contract awards; they can help significantly limit competition for contract opportunities and serve as tie-breakers in other competitions.  Certifications do not take the place of your marketing efforts; instead, they provide you with another tool for your Marketing Tool Kit.  Certifications are great to have and in some cases difficult to get, but this truth remains constant.  Certifications will only work for you when you work them.  Understand the power of certifications, what they mean and when, where, why and how to use them (self education).  As always, the basics still apply, in this case, the basics of marketing; yourself, your business and your certifications.

See you on the high ground!



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