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The Rifleman and Targeted Marketing

When I was a kid, another one of my favorite TV shows was “The Rifleman” starring Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain.  Yes, I liked Westerns as a kid and I still like them as an adult too.  Anyway, back to Lucas boy.  Lucas was larger than life at 6 foot 5 inches, with a lean athletic build, rugged good looks and bit of a swagger.  He was also a widower, farmer (sod buster) and a single parent raising his young son Mark, played by Johnny Crawford, in the fictional town of Northfork.  

I loved the theme music played at the beginning of every show and seeing Lucas walking down the street firing his famous Winchester Model 70 rifle with the special lever handle grip, in rapid-fire succession.  None of us could see his target, but we were all left to imagine him hitting whatever it was with pinpoint accuracy and surgical precision.  While continuing to walk down the street, he would re-cock his rifle by twirling it 360 degrees, toss it over to his left hand and reach into his left shirt pocket to grab another round to reload it.  Chuck would look directly into the camera and smile while he walked and loaded his rifle.  I liked the actors and the show, but I loved that rifle! 

I remember trying to twirl my Daisey BB gun the same way Lucas twirled his rifle.  I even tried to imitate the same moves and tricks the Rifleman did with his Winchester.  Friends, believe me, the Daisey BB gun was not designed to be used the same way Lucas McCain used his rifle.  Now, we will leave the rest of that story exactly where it was….in the past.  

What do Lucas McCain and The Rifleman teach us about Targeted Marketing?  During each engagement, The Rifleman was extremely focused on a specific target.  His pinpoint accuracy and surgical precision spoke volumes about his skill and confidence.  The skill that he demonstrated could only be developed with countless hours of practice and then even more practice.  His confidence was the result of those countless hours of practice and preparation.  Our Marketing efforts too must be extremely focused on a specific target.  WHY?  When our Marketing efforts are focused and specific, we can best evaluate our effectiveness and make corrections as necessary.  When our Marketing efforts are focused and specific, we can better manage our resources and receive the greatest return on investment (ROI).  When our Marketing efforts are focused and specific, we can soon know if we’ve chased the right rabbit and whether we need to follow him down that hole. 

Lucas’ surgical precision with his Winchester rifle reminds us that our Marketing efforts must also be precise, focused and intentional.  If we miss our target, it will not be for lack of planning and preparation.  We will spend our money on paper first, before putting it against a real requirement.  We do not want nor can we afford the Marketing strategy of throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks.”  Our Marketing efforts will be targeted, laser focused and precise.  The only way to ensure that is the case is through hard work that includes extensive research and detailed planning.

See you on the high ground!


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