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Key Contracting Websites

The vast majority of what we’re going to talk about on this site deals with federal contracting opportunities.  Why?  The Federal Government gives us the greatest opportunity to leverage our Veteran status to its fullest potential.  Some individual states have come on board to finally recognize the tremendous contributions and sacrifices made by Veterans.  These same states have now included Veterans and Veteran Owned Small Businesses as part of their statewide contracting goals.  An excellent way to track the progress and find out if your state has enacted any Veteran friendly contracting laws is to check the state tracker at Vetrepreneur Magazine. 

A federal website you should have saved under your favorites is the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU).  The OSDBU website gives you contact information for the Small Business Specialists (SBS) at all the federal agencies.  These are the agency people to start with when you’re looking to do business with that agency.  Their counterparts at public and private companies are Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLO) or Supplier Diversity Officers and can be found on respective company websites.  

Another website you should become quite familiar with is Federal Business Opportunities (fedbizopps).  Everything you will find listed on fedbizopps is over $25,000.  That little bit of information is good to know.  Another little bit of good to know information is that you can tailor your search of fedbizopps to return only opportunities set aside for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.  The more you can define your search, the more accurate the search returns will be.    

Veteran specific contracting opportunities UNDER $25,000 will be listed on your local VA internal websites.  Get out, meet those people and start building professional business relationships.  Let’s get connected and get to contracting!  

Finally, research the “small business” or “supplier diversity” websites of potential commercial customers you’d like to do business with to learn about their procurement forecast, contracting opportunities and to identify their needs.  After doing this bit of research, develop your strategy for solving their problem/need and get to contracting.   

See you on the high ground!



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