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Investing in Your Business Education

Government Contracting – each word by itself can suggest bureaucracy, complexity, confusion and mystery.   Those two words together can scream organized chaos and not for me!  Neither of the two scenarios above need be true.  At some point in your military career, you successfully navigated and negotiated a “Confidence Course.”  This is just another Confidence Course. 

Training was a top priority during our time in the military.  Physical fitness was also a top priority during our service.  Many of us remember being frequently tested in these areas to ensure we stayed “at the top of our games.”  We would also be tested on our professional duties and responsibilities, again, to ensure we stayed at the top of our games AND to determine if we qualified for that next promotion. 

Remember how you prepared to meet and conquer each of these challenges?  Remember all the trips to the gym to workout?  Remember all those late nights studying, both alone and with friends?  All of it was hard, but you made it through and came out on the other side victorious.  Government Contracting is hard too, but just like in our military training, we will make it through.  We will come out on the other side victorious! 

Many, if not most of us were not trained on business matters so our business skills and knowledge may not be as highly developed as other skills we posses.  Not a problem!  That is just another opportunity for us to excel.  We have to devote the time, effort and energy we used in coming up to speed for our military tests to come up to speed on our Government Contracting/Business knowledge.  The reality is we must increase our business knowledge base.  As good as this site is, and I believe its damn good, it can not and will not eliminate the requirement for self-education.  There are many places to receive good, quality business education and training.  Many of those places are listed in the Contracting Checklist.  

See you on the high ground!


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