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I Want it All Coach and I Want it Now!

Several years ago during the Dallas Cowboys glory days, owner Jerry Jones added another larger than life personality to the Super Bowl team he had already assembled.  He added future Hall of Famer Deion Sanders to a less than stellar secondary.  During that same timeframe, Pizza Hut was marketing a new pizza in which you could get X topping or Y topping.  Deion and Jerry appeared together in a Pizza Hut commercial in which Jerry asks Deion if he wants X (the $10 million contract) or Y (the $25 million contract) – to which Deion promptly replies, “I want it all Jerry, and I want it now.”  That little story reminds me of comments I hear clients make from time to time as I share information about Government Contracting.  Everyone wants it all and they want it now!  The reality is that few, if any of us will ever get it all and even fewer will get it now. 

Keep in mind; Government Contracting is a marathon, not a sprint.  We are in it to win it, no matter how long that takes.  Sure, it would be great if we could come out the gate winning multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts.  For most of us that is not, has not been and will not be the case.  I am not trying to take the wind out of anyone’s sails, but I do want to establish and keep healthy, balanced and realistic expectations at the forefront of our minds.  We can and will grow into those type contracts if that’s what we truly desire, but it is part of a process to get there.  Besides, it’s extremely costly to support those multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts.  For now, we’ll just keep winning our $100K and below contracts.  Those add up quite nicely too, you know. 

See you on the high ground!


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