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The Secrets for Responding to a Solicitation

The most important secret of responding to a solicitation is to READ THE ENTIRE SOLICITATION.  That’s right, read every single word in every section.  Before you sit down to actually read and highlight the solicitation, make sure you have EVERYTHING you’re supposed to have.  How do you know if you have everything you’re supposed to have?  Excellent question!  Just look at the site you pulled the solicitation from.  It will list ALL the supporting documents for that solicitation. 

When you’ve finished that step and you’re satisfied you have all the required documents, you’re ready to sit down and read every single word and highlight every question/requirement.  When you’re done reading and highlighting, it’s time to develop your workflow schedule/timeline and give out specific assignments to your team, if you have one.  What work gets done when and by whom?  When will you complete your proposal and have it reviewed?  Who is going to review it?  How much time do they have to review the proposal?  How much time do you need to make corrections to the proposal and have it ready to submit?  When will you submit it? 

You already knew many of the secrets I just shared with you, didn’t you?  You already come wired to do this business.  Your service to the nation; your discipline, your dedication, your never quit attitude, your high standards and especially your attention to detail all helped prepare you for success in this business.  We can do this business and do it well!    

See you on the high ground!


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Play Ball – Get off the Sidelines and Into the Game

We are learning about the nuances of Government Contracting.  Ideally, we are also learning that Government Contracting is doable, even for the novices among us.  As we go through this process and face challenges and obstacles that will surely present themselves, it is imperative to remember our Three Simple Truths:  1. Government Contracting is HARD WORK, 2. Government Contracting takes TIME and 3.  Government Contracting is WORTH IT.  When we keep those three simple truths in mind we know and understand that they too are part of the process and that each day we are getting closer and closer to our ultimate goal, WINNING!  

We have learned a lot.  I will even dare say that we’ve learned more than we think.  We are more prepared than we think.  Although, the only way to know for sure is to – play ball.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get off the sidelines and into the game.  Let’s play ball!  It’s time to finally submit a proposal on one of the solicitations you’ve been tracking and working on.  Remember, we even have a process for exactly what we’re going to do win or lose on the proposal.  We do?  Of course we do, it’s in the Contracting Checklist under Proposals.  We’re going to ask for a de-brief so we’ll be better prepared next time. 

Well, you’re in the game now, no turning back.  Just that fast, you’ve been thrust into the starting line-up.  How do you like being a starter?  Feels pretty good, right?  Now, all you have to do is “stand and deliver,” and I know you will.  

See you on the high ground!  

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Fish or Cut Bait

I have a very good friend and former warfighter that loves to use the term – Fish of cut bait.  It is also now part of my vocabulary because of my relationship and association with him.  We often use the term with each other to challenge the other to stop procrastinating and go ahead and complete the project or task that we happen to be working on. 

Our ability to challenge each other and hold each other accountable has allowed us to accomplish quite a few personal and individual tasks and goals over the years.  It is important to have someone to hold you accountable and call foul when you’re either having a pity party or just plain being lazy and not doing the requisite work necessary to move from high dead center.  So find yourself a battle buddy that will hold your feet to the fire and hold you accountable.  

There are numerous areas of Government Contracting that can cause us to be stuck on high dead center.  There are requirements for success in Government Contracting that can cause us to feel we need more and more knowledge and more and more information before we’re ready to execute.  But the question is “How much knowledge is enough?  How much information is enough?”  At some point, we just have to fish or cut bait! 

See you on the high ground!


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Stop Planning and Start Executing

Throughout our journey together you have been planning and documenting your process and progress.  By now you should have a pretty good roadmap.  You should have a clear path from where you were to where you are now, with a clear view of where you are going.  Planning and the roadmap are without a doubt critical in accomplishing any goal we set for ourselves.  The great Brian Tracy says that “A genius without a good roadmap will get lost in any country and an average person with a good roadmap will go straight and true to his destination.”   

Until you decide to execute against some of the opportunities you’ve been following and practicing on, all the planning and documenting you have done over the past months can’t be validated.  I challenge you to execute what you have – test yourself – test your roadmap – test the information you have.  Calibrate the information you have.  

Several years ago, I was a Field Artillery Officer in the U.S. Army.  We used to calibrate our guns.  It was a necessary evil to learn how the guns were firing.  We then made the necessary adjustments based on the data (feedback) we received.  That’s what I’m suggesting you do.  Calibrate your learning, calibrate your knowledge base – and then adjust as necessary. 

Stop planning and start executing.  I believe you are much farther along than you might think.  I look forward to hearing about your successes!

See you on the high ground!  

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