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Fish or Cut Bait

I have a very good friend and former warfighter that loves to use the term – Fish of cut bait.  It is also now part of my vocabulary because of my relationship and association with him.  We often use the term with each other to challenge the other to stop procrastinating and go ahead and complete the project or task that we happen to be working on. 

Our ability to challenge each other and hold each other accountable has allowed us to accomplish quite a few personal and individual tasks and goals over the years.  It is important to have someone to hold you accountable and call foul when you’re either having a pity party or just plain being lazy and not doing the requisite work necessary to move from high dead center.  So find yourself a battle buddy that will hold your feet to the fire and hold you accountable.  

There are numerous areas of Government Contracting that can cause us to be stuck on high dead center.  There are requirements for success in Government Contracting that can cause us to feel we need more and more knowledge and more and more information before we’re ready to execute.  But the question is “How much knowledge is enough?  How much information is enough?”  At some point, we just have to fish or cut bait! 

See you on the high ground!



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