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Play Ball – Get off the Sidelines and Into the Game

We are learning about the nuances of Government Contracting.  Ideally, we are also learning that Government Contracting is doable, even for the novices among us.  As we go through this process and face challenges and obstacles that will surely present themselves, it is imperative to remember our Three Simple Truths:  1. Government Contracting is HARD WORK, 2. Government Contracting takes TIME and 3.  Government Contracting is WORTH IT.  When we keep those three simple truths in mind we know and understand that they too are part of the process and that each day we are getting closer and closer to our ultimate goal, WINNING!  

We have learned a lot.  I will even dare say that we’ve learned more than we think.  We are more prepared than we think.  Although, the only way to know for sure is to – play ball.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get off the sidelines and into the game.  Let’s play ball!  It’s time to finally submit a proposal on one of the solicitations you’ve been tracking and working on.  Remember, we even have a process for exactly what we’re going to do win or lose on the proposal.  We do?  Of course we do, it’s in the Contracting Checklist under Proposals.  We’re going to ask for a de-brief so we’ll be better prepared next time. 

Well, you’re in the game now, no turning back.  Just that fast, you’ve been thrust into the starting line-up.  How do you like being a starter?  Feels pretty good, right?  Now, all you have to do is “stand and deliver,” and I know you will.  

See you on the high ground!  


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