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The Secrets for Responding to a Solicitation

The most important secret of responding to a solicitation is to READ THE ENTIRE SOLICITATION.  That’s right, read every single word in every section.  Before you sit down to actually read and highlight the solicitation, make sure you have EVERYTHING you’re supposed to have.  How do you know if you have everything you’re supposed to have?  Excellent question!  Just look at the site you pulled the solicitation from.  It will list ALL the supporting documents for that solicitation. 

When you’ve finished that step and you’re satisfied you have all the required documents, you’re ready to sit down and read every single word and highlight every question/requirement.  When you’re done reading and highlighting, it’s time to develop your workflow schedule/timeline and give out specific assignments to your team, if you have one.  What work gets done when and by whom?  When will you complete your proposal and have it reviewed?  Who is going to review it?  How much time do they have to review the proposal?  How much time do you need to make corrections to the proposal and have it ready to submit?  When will you submit it? 

You already knew many of the secrets I just shared with you, didn’t you?  You already come wired to do this business.  Your service to the nation; your discipline, your dedication, your never quit attitude, your high standards and especially your attention to detail all helped prepare you for success in this business.  We can do this business and do it well!    

See you on the high ground!


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