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The Process by Any Other Name

The process by any other name is still the process.  We can call it routines, we can call it rituals, we can call it patterns, we can call it procedures, we can call it courses of action, we can call it progressions, we can call it steps or we can it the system.  Whatever we choose to call it, this fact remains the same.  The “process” is vital to the successful completion of any task. 

Remember back to your days on Active Duty, it doesn’t matter what your branch of service was.  Remember first learning how to exercise “Military Style”?  Everything was by the numbers.  In cadence, exercise!  1 – 2 – 3 – one, 1 – 2 – 3 – two, 1 – 2 – 3 – three.  The push-up was a 4 count exercise, the side-straddle-hop was a 4 count exercise, the side bender was also a 4 count exercise, remember those days?  These are just more examples of the process.  We are all very, very good at this stuff!  We can and will learn Government Contracting by the numbers too. 

This is almost like Neo in “The Matrix” trilogy after he took the red pill.  Just like he could see all the lines of code running the Matrix, if you look, you too can figuratively see and recognize the process in virtually everything that happens around you.  The process by any other name is still the process.  Stay tuned for more on the process. 

See you on the high ground!   


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Kitchen Renovations and the Process

We had our kitchen renovated several weeks before the Thanksgiving holidays.  What an experience?!??  This was my first major renovation and quite possibly my last.  Actually, the project really wasn’t that bad.  In hindsight, it is easy to identify there was a process involved in the work that was done.  One very basic and sequential process that had to happen is that everything first had to be torn out.  The GC actually talked us through the entire process in great detail.  

As discussed before, virtually everything we do has a process.  Our challenge as Government Contractors is to identify and stick to the process that works best for us.  Many of the steps we discussed previously apply to all government contractors.  However, each individual will discover something special that they bring to the table that sets them apart from the rest of their competitors.  It might be your superior customer service, it might be your promptness and accuracy in submitting required reports or it might be any of a number of things. 

Now, back to the kitchen renovation story.  The kitchen was a mess!!!  No way was the work going to be completed before Thanksgiving.  The counters were torn out, the wiring was torn out, the closets and cabinets were torn out.  It looked like a grenade had gone off in the kitchen!  Several weeks later and much to my amazement, the work was finished.  Not only was the work completed before the established deadline, we prepared all the Thanksgiving food in our brand new kitchen!  I guess the GC knew what he was doing after all. 

See you on the high ground!

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Just Ask – Let’s Talk

Recently while returning from a business trip, my wife and I were seated on opposite sides of the airplane.  Since we both had window seats, I just knew the person sitting in the isle seat right beside her wouldn’t change seats, so I didn’t bother asking.  As the flight progressed and the stewardess came around to take orders, he noticed that my wife and I weren’t seated together.  Without skipping a beat, he asked the person sitting next to my wife if he’d mind switching seats so she and I could sit together – and he said “of course not.” 

Cute travel story, but what does it have to do with Government Contracting.  Someone reading this post has a question or questions to ask, but unfortunately decides not to ask them because they assume; others will think less of them, the question is elementary, they can find the answers in the previous posts or whatever the reasons might be. 

The Veterans Business Resources was designed specifically to address all those questions and concerns relating to Government Contracting.  If we can’t answer the questions ourselves, we will direct you to where you can find the answers.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the VBR is for us and by us.  It will only be as good as WE make it.  So, just ask and let’s talk. 

See you on the high ground! 

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Everybody Wants to Rule the World

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” is not just the title to a song by “Tears for Fears.”  It is not just the theme music played at the beginning and ending of Dennis Miller Live.  Everybody wants to rule the world is the position that more and more people seem to be taking when it comes to contracting with the government.  

My observation is there are more than enough contracting opportunities to go around for all of us.  However, some people want their share and as much of yours and yours and yours as they can possibly get.  There are actually frameworks where this is perfectly legal and mutually beneficial, but unfortunately, there are also frameworks where some people take advantage of situations and exploit people and circumstances to their own personal and selfish benefit. 

In the movie, “Wall Street,” Michael Douglas’ character, Gordon Gecko said that “greed is good.  In the second installment, Wall Street II, Money Never Sleeps, he said that ‘not only is greed good, now it is also legal.”  Given events of the past several years, that statement seems to ring very true.  What a sad state of affairs.  There are still plenty good guys out here – and a great many of them wore our nation’s uniforms. 

See you on the high ground!

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