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Just Ask – Let’s Talk

Recently while returning from a business trip, my wife and I were seated on opposite sides of the airplane.  Since we both had window seats, I just knew the person sitting in the isle seat right beside her wouldn’t change seats, so I didn’t bother asking.  As the flight progressed and the stewardess came around to take orders, he noticed that my wife and I weren’t seated together.  Without skipping a beat, he asked the person sitting next to my wife if he’d mind switching seats so she and I could sit together – and he said “of course not.” 

Cute travel story, but what does it have to do with Government Contracting.  Someone reading this post has a question or questions to ask, but unfortunately decides not to ask them because they assume; others will think less of them, the question is elementary, they can find the answers in the previous posts or whatever the reasons might be. 

The Veterans Business Resources was designed specifically to address all those questions and concerns relating to Government Contracting.  If we can’t answer the questions ourselves, we will direct you to where you can find the answers.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the VBR is for us and by us.  It will only be as good as WE make it.  So, just ask and let’s talk. 

See you on the high ground! 


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