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Every Agency has a Process

Make no mistake about it, every agency that you will contract through or with has a process.  Until you take time to learn and master their process, you will continue to be frustrated and disappointed by losing bid/proposal after bid/proposal.  Often times, the more successful agency contractors have learned the agency’s process and give them in return, exactly what they are looking for. 

Said another way, you’re making it easy for the agency to do business with you.  In today’s fast paced society and fast paced economy, everyone is busy, busy, busy and going a hundred miles an hour.  When you can make it easier for someone to do business with you, you have just helped free up a little bit of their time and perhaps even brought a smile to their face.  Doing business with you becomes a pleasure and over time, more and more work begins to flow your way.  

We keep having discussions about “the process”.  Do we believe a deep understanding and appreciation of “the process” is a key to success, in a word, YES! 

See you on the high ground!         


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Women/Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

There has been much discussion about the Women Owned Small Business Program and you can get even more information from the SBA’s site at:  We want to take this opportunity to share some key points with our members. 

The SBA has created a new designation, not only is there the WOSB, now there is also the EDWOSB or Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business.  This new designation also creates another set aside category.  This can be a good thing. 

The requirements for WOSB/EDWOSB status are now harder than before.  Not only must the women own 51% and manage the day to day operations; but, they must be full-time and hold the highest officer position in the company.  But, there is no minimum time to be in business.  This can be a good thing as well. 


Until SBA determines an official certifier, this is still a self certification process.  You can upload required documents into the SBA repository at the SBA site above. 

Women Veterans; take advantage of this additional certification.  Go back and re-read last week’s Blog Post if necessary.  

See you on the high ground!  

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Understand and Leverage the Power of Certifications

Certifications give the holder tremendous power and leverage, when employed properly.  Before we can leverage our certifications, we must first understand and appreciate them.  Certifications place us in special and select groups that make competing for and winning Government Contracts easier.  The pool of competitors is greatly reduced when we have certain certifications.  Other certifications, such as the SBA 8(a) allow you to compete against yourself!  That’s right, you’re competing against yourself! 

For the enlightened certification holder, teaming or partnering with other contractors that don’t hold your certifications seems the logical next step to entering the Government Contracting marketplace.  At this point, all the standard rules of ownership, control of the venture, distribution of the profit and/or loss come into play, just to name a few.  Possessing multiple certifications can be a very good thing, when we know how to leverage their power.  Certifications can be leveraged so the holder can to be the prime or the subcontractor on projects.  

Just holding different certifications is not a panacea for the challenges of Government Contracting.  You still have to “bring it.”  In other words, you still have to be very good at what you do and deliver excellent results every time.  There are a number of ways that certifications can be leveraged to your advantage.  The challenge is to understand the power and possess the knowledge to leverage them.  

See you on the high ground!

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Language Matters

When reading the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), language matters.  When having discussions or negotiations with a Contracting Officer, language matters.  When defending your position to employ a particular acquisition strategy, language matters.  When preparing to rebut a protest, language matters.  When determining what you can and cannot do as relates to Government Contracting, language matters.  When reading through and preparing to respond to a solicitation, language matters.  When testifying before a Senate Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity, language matters.  When reading law to determine exactly what you’re entitled to, language matters.  

The language we speak of is commonly used throughout the world of Government Contracting, but its misuse and misunderstanding can cause huge problems and tremendous twists of fate for both the villain and victim.  We are speaking of 5 simple words that carry the entire world of Government Contracting on their shoulders.  Those 5 words are SHOULD, MAY, MUST, WILL and SHALL.  They are rank ordered from lowest to highest.  

The 10 Commandments given to Moses all began with thou “SHALL.”   Think “SHALL” is a pretty big deal in the language of Government Contracting?  It is the word of words!  Language really does matter. 

See you on the high ground! 

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