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Understand and Leverage the Power of Certifications

Certifications give the holder tremendous power and leverage, when employed properly.  Before we can leverage our certifications, we must first understand and appreciate them.  Certifications place us in special and select groups that make competing for and winning Government Contracts easier.  The pool of competitors is greatly reduced when we have certain certifications.  Other certifications, such as the SBA 8(a) allow you to compete against yourself!  That’s right, you’re competing against yourself! 

For the enlightened certification holder, teaming or partnering with other contractors that don’t hold your certifications seems the logical next step to entering the Government Contracting marketplace.  At this point, all the standard rules of ownership, control of the venture, distribution of the profit and/or loss come into play, just to name a few.  Possessing multiple certifications can be a very good thing, when we know how to leverage their power.  Certifications can be leveraged so the holder can to be the prime or the subcontractor on projects.  

Just holding different certifications is not a panacea for the challenges of Government Contracting.  You still have to “bring it.”  In other words, you still have to be very good at what you do and deliver excellent results every time.  There are a number of ways that certifications can be leveraged to your advantage.  The challenge is to understand the power and possess the knowledge to leverage them.  

See you on the high ground!


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