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Every Agency has a Process

Make no mistake about it, every agency that you will contract through or with has a process.  Until you take time to learn and master their process, you will continue to be frustrated and disappointed by losing bid/proposal after bid/proposal.  Often times, the more successful agency contractors have learned the agency’s process and give them in return, exactly what they are looking for. 

Said another way, you’re making it easy for the agency to do business with you.  In today’s fast paced society and fast paced economy, everyone is busy, busy, busy and going a hundred miles an hour.  When you can make it easier for someone to do business with you, you have just helped free up a little bit of their time and perhaps even brought a smile to their face.  Doing business with you becomes a pleasure and over time, more and more work begins to flow your way.  

We keep having discussions about “the process”.  Do we believe a deep understanding and appreciation of “the process” is a key to success, in a word, YES! 

See you on the high ground!         


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