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The Acquisition Process

The Acquisition Process is slightly different in every agency and at every level of government.  Basically, there are four main players in this part of the process; they are 1. The end user, 2. Finance, 3. Contracting and 4. You; the contractor.  In its simplest form, the process looks like this; the end user submits their requirements to contracting – the end user should also ensure there is money to support acquisition of their requirements –  contracting checks funding just to ensure there is money to support acquisition of the requirements, then, they source the requirements (there is a tremendous amount  of work involved in this process) then you, the contractor, see the requirements posted someplace, probably fedbizopps – and you make an assessment of your company’s ability to fulfill the requirements and determine a go or no-go engagement.  

The next phase of the Acquisition Process consists of many moving parts, possibly including a site visit, fielding questions from interested parties (contractors), issuing modifications or amendments to the solicitation, holding pre-bid conferences with interested parties – then finally, after all the questions that can be answered have been answered and all the proposals have been received, recorded and opened – Contracting will go through the process of determining which offerors are in the competitive range, or not, which offerors meet the other evaluation requirements as spelled out in the solicitation itself.  The offerors will be scored based on the evaluation criteria – then finally a winner will be determined.  

What I have just given you are the high points of the Acquisition Process.  You now have the 20 percent of the iceberg view of the Acquisition Process.  Government Contracting is HARD WORK and it TAKES TIME for a lot of people involved in the process.  

See you on the high ground! 



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