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Good Luck!

The American Heritage Dictionary defines luck as the chance happening of fortunate or adverse events.  Good fortune or prosperity; success.  To gain success or something desirable by chance.  

We often hear people say to each other; good luck, break a leg, go get ‘em, knock their socks off, or some other similar phrase meant as a sign of encouragement and support.  Having someone in your corner during difficult or challenging times is a real comfort, and we all appreciate it. 

Today, I want to give you another and slightly different definition of LUCKI believe that LUCK is the point where opportunity and preparation intersect.  Think about that for a minute as I share this little story.  

A few years ago 2 of my sons challenged me to a push up contest.  OPPORTUNITY!  My wife was a bit concerned since I hadn’t regularly done push ups since retiring from the Army.  I told her “no worries, I keep 50 in my back pocket.”  PREPARATION!  My sons and I got down and started knocking ‘em out.  We all started out strong, but some of us faded toward the end.  

Oh yeah, how did the push up contest turn out?  I smoked ‘em like a cheap cigar or perhaps I just had Good Luck! 

In Government Contracting, I want all of us to have Good Luck!


See you on the high ground!



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  1. Ed Ziek says:

    My husband is a certified GSA, CVE vertified SDVOSB holder. He has been trying to obtain a govt. contract for 2 years with numerous bids placed, attempting to contact DOD, GSA, Gen. Acct. Offidce and VA with no luck. We are not Washington based, not a large corporation, and are truly veteran disabled. We are not alone in this situation. Many other small veteran owned businesses are in the same situaiton. We can’t get govt. work because we have no govt. experience. And, we are the businesses that help the economy grow. What is more dispriting is the recent veterans are being left in the same situation that Viet-Nam veterans were left in. All our resources have been put into this effort. Where do we turn?

    • Ed, good afternoon.
      Thank you for your questions and thank you for reading the posts. I am happy to address your concerns and thanks for reaching out for help. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a short answer to your particular issues because I’m missing several pieces of critical information. However, you said several things that are very true of our community – there are a lot of Veteran owned business facing the same challenges and issues you identified. Therefore, I would like to move our discussions over to the Veterans Business Resources page on Facebook so other Veteran business owners can also benefit from the questions and answers.

      Based on what you told me, I know your business is at least 4 years old. Here are some questions I need you to answer; 1. How long have you actually been in business, 2. What products of services do you provide, 3. Have you done any federal work before, if so, with whom, 5. Have you been a sub before, if so, to whom, 6. Who buys what you sell, 7. Who did you contact in the different Federal Agencies, 8. Do you have any certifications, if so, what are they, 9. How and where do you find your bid opportunities and 10. How are you marketing your offering? These should be enough questions for the first round.

      There is a ton of really good and useful information in the Veterans Business Resources blog. The best way to use it and benefit from the information is to start reading from the first post and come forward.

      I look forward to hearing from you and helping our community with the challenges we face.

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