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The Revolution; the Veteran-Owned Business Movement

“Don’t you know | talkin’ bout a Revolution | sounds like a whisper | don’t you know | talkin’ bout a Revolution | sounds like a whisper” that line is from a Tracy Chapman song I was just listening to.  The title of the song is “Talkin Bout A Revolution.” The song goes on to talk about standing in the welfare line | cryin at the doorstep of those Armies of Salvation | wastin time in the unemployment line | sittin around waiting for a promotion | don’t you know | talkin’ bout a Revolution | finally the tables are starting to turn | talkin’ bout a Revolution.  

That song reminded me that we are in the middle of our own Revolution and yes, finally the tables are startin to turn.  The Veteran-Owned Business Movement is a Revolution, it is OUR Revolution!  The tables are starting to turn in that more states are coming on board and embracing Veteran contracting goals.  More corporate giants are pushing and enforcing Veteran contracting goals within their organizations.  

I am pleased to report that more and more of us are participating in The Revolution.  More Veteran business owners are identifying themselves as such.  We are building successful businesses and create jobs that will take our brothers and sisters out of those welfare and unemployment lines.  There are also many VOSB success stories and they are growing daily.  

There are also countless stories of young troops needing welfare to supplement their income, just to survive and care for their families.  There are even more stories of young people forced to live in substandard housing because they couldn’t afford anything else.  Unemployment is high, we all know that, but it is highest among Veterans.  Homelessness is highest among Veterans.  How can this happen in the riches and most powerful country in the history of the world?  What part will you play in solving these problems?   

To get a full history of the Veteran-Owend Business Movement, visit

See you on the high ground!



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2 Responses

  1. Hardy Stone says:

    I publish an online newsletter called VetLikeMe, which covers national news regarding service disabled veteran owned business (SDVOSB). Please visit my website for all issues…

    I did not see any news on this site about SDVOSB. Please contact me at the email above or 301-845-1330.

  2. Timothy Woods says:

    Hardy – good morning. Thank you for your feedback. Your observation of the Veterans Business Resources page is partially correct. The page focuses on Government Contracting as a wealth generating vehicle for Veterans.

    We do not attempt to cover other issues effecting the Veteran community, as there are many. There are a number of very capable sites dedicated to that effort and we applaud them for their steadfastness and determination.

    When Veterans and others want to know about Government Contracting, the Veterans Business Resources page is the best place to look.

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