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“Rules of Engagement”

Each branch of the armed forces has its specific “Rules of Engagement.”  All the Veterans reading this post understand and remember their service’s “Rules of Engagement.”  By taking a few creative liberties, I am going to give you a slightly different version of the “Rules of Engagement” so that all of us can understand, remember, relate to and use them in our quest to build our Government Contracting businesses. 

Many of you that have read previous blog posts will recognize these 6 questions as I like to use them often, not just here in this format, but in virtually every aspect of my life when I need to make a decision.  Yep, you guessed it, I’m talking about the 5 “Ws” and the “How” question.  They are; 

Who:  who in or outside the government buys what I sell?

What:  what is their problem that I can help them solve?

When:  when does the agency or entity I’m targeting buy?

Where:  where is the agency or entity that buys what I sell located?

Why:  why should the agency or entity buy from me?

How:  how does the agency or entity buy? 

These are examples of the kinds of questions you might want to ask and answer to help focus your marketing efforts and increase your return on investment.  Keep in mind it takes extensive Research to fill in the answers to these key questions.  Remember also, our “Three Simple Truths” #1 and #2, Government Contracting is HARD WORK and Government Contracting TAKES TIME. 

See you on the high ground!


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