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Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB)

All good warfighters know that you want to gather as much intelligence as possible before heading into battle.  In order to win a contract away from another company, you are waging a form of battle.  The battlefield on which this drama plays itself out is virtually invisible to the human eye, but real all the same.  

Many, if not most of the contracts you pursue will already have someone performing them.  This person or company in many cases is doing a good job and has every intention to hold onto those contracts.  It now becomes your mission to determine how best to win that contract away from the incumbent.  Regardless of the strategy or the process you develop and implement, you are not going to do anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical to win.  

I believe there are some key pieces of information you want to gather to help make your win possible.  There are 6 questions you want to answer.  These 6 questions form the 5 “Ws” and the “How” question.  They are; 

Who:  who currently has the contract I’m going after?

What:  what is their Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that helped them win the contract?

When:  when is the contract I’m going after up for re-bid, when is it going to be re-competed?

Where:  where is the parent company headquarters located? 

Why:  why do we feel we can win this contract away from the incumbent, why should the project owner choose us as the new winner?

How:  how do we actually win the contract away? 

These are examples of the kinds of questions you might want to ask and answers before heading onto the procurement battlefield.  Remember our “Three Simple Truths” #1 and #2, Government Contracting is HARD WORK and Government Contracting TAKES TIME.  

See you on the high ground!   


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