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Ready, Fire, Aim

There have been many blog posts dedicated to “the process.”  At this point, it is probably safe to say that everyone reading these posts understand that we believe “the process” is a big deal and critically important to success in most endeavors.  Inherent in the process is the sequence of actions performed that make up “the process.” 

The proper sequencing of events is equally important when establishing “the process,” whatever that may be.  The title to this post is not sequenced properly, although it contains all the steps/actions of “the process.”  Anyone that has ever fired a weapon will certainly tell you that Ready, Fire, Aim is not the proper sequence and not the right thing to do under any circumstances. 

Being so excited about an SDVOSB contract opportunity and the potential positive impact winning it can have on the rest of our lives is no reason to prematurely and naively make permanent life changing decisions in our personal and professional lives that WILL impact the rest of our lives.  Proper sequencing is especially critical here!  I cannot over emphasize that point.  

Believe me; I understand that SDVOSB contract opportunities can be quite appealing, especially when we’re trying to break into the Government Contracting arena.  Take your time, catch your breath, and think about what you’re doing, there will be other opportunities that look just as appealing.

See you on the high ground!    


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