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CCR Essentials (continued)

CCR Essentials continued.

CCR forms

The e-mail address is a given, right?


It most certainly is not a given. Again, check the entry to make sure it is correct. You would be surprised how many people change e-mail addresses after they register in the CCR, have multiple e-mail addresses and forget to check the one tied to their CCR or simply never slow down long enough to ensure the e-mail address in the CCR is correct.

Your company website is hands down another given, right?

 WRONG again.

I am sharing relatively simple problems I see virtually everyday. Business Types/Grants: this is where you get to choose every small business category that applies to you and your business. Is your company Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned? Then it is also Veteran-Owned. Is your company minority owned? What is your minority designation? This section of the CCR is not either or, it is as my lovely bride likes to say, “both and.” You get to select every category that applies to you.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes are those 6 digit codes that tell what your business does. There are different schools of thought regarding the NAICS codes. Some business owners choose to list primary and secondary (read prime and subcontract) areas they can work in. Still others choose to limit their NAICS code selections to those few areas in which their business specializes or can prime in. The choice is yours.

The CCR Points of Contact (POC) is the last area we will discuss about the CCR. Many times there is confusion as to exactly what information is being asked for in these data fields. They are merely asking for the POCs within your company for Government Business, Past Performance and Electronic Business.

See you on the high ground!


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