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SBA Profile

The Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) produces the SBA Profile of your small business. The SBA Profile is the second part of registering your small business in the CCR. A question that I hear often is “How do I get to my SBA Profile?” You can only access your SBA Profile by going through your CCR. When you do this, you will then be taken to a separate database.

The areas of the SBA Profile that we will highlight are; Accepts Government Credit Cards?, GSA Advantage Contract(s), Current Principals, Non-Federal Government Certifications, Capabilities Narrative, Business Type Percentages, Bonding Levels, Keywords, Quality Assurance Standards and Performance History. Wow, that covers almost everything on the SBA Profile. Think it might be important?

The Government increasingly uses Government Credit Cards. Does it make sense to limit the ways you can be paid? More and more buys are being made off GSA Schedules. Does it make sense to limit the number of ways the Government can buy from you? Current Principals is straight forward. Who owns the company? Then list them. What Non-Federal Government Certifications do you hold? i.e. IT Companies have special licenses; Management Companies probably have 6 Sigma certified employees etc.

The Capabilities Narrative can only contain 255 total characters. You will want to play with this paragraph a while to get it just right. Business Type Percentages – i.e. 10% manufacturing and 90% service, if your company/industry requires bonding – what Bonding Levels do you hold? The Keywords can only contain 525 characters. What Quality Assurance Standards does your company hold? Performance History – you can list up to 32,767 references here! Obviously, that’s way too many. List the most current work you’ve done, dating back 5 years or so.

See you on the high ground!


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