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Past Performance

Who have you worked for?  What did you do for them?  How long did the job last?  What was the dollar value assigned to the job?  Who is a good POC where you performed the job?  These are all elements of the critically important Past Performance.

The government buyer that is considering your company for contract award is interested in knowing what similar work you’ve done in the past and who you did the work for.  They also want to know if you have the capacity and capabilities to handle a job the size of the one they are looking to contract out.

Past Performance is the last section of the SBA Profile and is often overlooked or just not kept updated.  When you win a new contract or when you do work for someone, don’t be afraid to brag about it!  The Past Performance section of the SBA Profile is where you can do it and people actually see your bragging as a good thing!

Whether you view this as bragging or just keeping your records updated, it is critically important.  One last fact on this subject, failure to keep this information updated can, will and does cause you to not be considered for contract award, period!


See you on the high ground!


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