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The Next Phase

The legendary Isley Brothers, the quintessential R&B funk group penned a tune in 1978 entitled “Take Me to the Next Phase.”  We will borrow from that title to spring into “the next phase” of our Government Contracting journey together.

We have now covered the Contracting Checklist, the Basics, the Process and many other aspects of Contracting with the Government.

Where do we go from here?  What is “The Next Phase” of Government Contracting?  Until we start winning contracts, “the next phase” for us is to start again at the beginning and repeat the process we’ve gone through during the past year plus.  When we start winning and then understand why we’re winning, we will start to incorporate some of “The Next Phase” vehicles and strategies into our offering.

Some of “The Next Phase” vehicles include the GSA Schedules, the SBA 8(a) program, the Mentor Protégé Program and Joint Ventures.  Some of “the next phase” strategies include, the Rule of Two, Teaming/Partnering, Sole Source awards and Accelerated Networking.  Yes, even more Networking.

See you on the high ground!                 




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