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All the forces of the universe came together at precisely the right moment in time to make this blog possible and applicable to our journey together.  Besides, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to give our World Champion Dallas Mavericks some more ink.  

T.E.A.M. means Together Everyone Achieves More.  How true is that statement?  Well, several weeks ago, the entire sports world got a chance to witness just how true that statement is.  The Dallas Mavericks with its lone Superstar, Dirk Nowitzki and a cast of lesser role players and aging veterans slayed the mighty Miami Heat and their 3, that’s right count ‘em, 3 Superstars to win the franchise’s first NBA title. 

Make no mistake about it; I firmly believe a version of the current Miami Heat basketball team will win multiple NBA Championships.  I, along with many other people, am really happy they didn’t start their Championship run this year.  This year belonged to the World Champion Dallas Mavericks!  No one will ever be able to take this year away from the T.E.A.M., the city ofDallas, and all the sports fans around the world.  The 2010 – 2011 NBA season forever belongs to the Dallas Mavericks!  

Playing and working as a T.E.A.M., counting on each other, depending on each other, trusting each other and believing in each other gave this T.E.A.M. much, much more than they could have ever accomplished individually.  It gave the Dallas Mavericks their first NBA Championship.  What can it – what will it give you and your Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business? 


See you on the high ground!



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