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A Call to Arms

We have the power to reclaim our Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Contracting Programs!  That sentence sounds as if we’ve already lost them – that statement, from a purely factual basis, is not true – we have not lost our programs – at least not YET. 

Allow me to share some information for your careful review and consideration.  I make the following statements with the full and complete belief that everyone reading this post knows about the VOSB and SDVOSB federal contracting programs.  Since we already know about the programs, we also already know why other less scrupulous individuals would try to snake their way into position to tap into the $3.5 billion in fiscal 2010 procurements these programs represented for the VA alone!  Now, think about all the other federal agencies that make VOSB and SDVOSB contract awards – the total dollar spend gets quite sizeable indeed.  Obviously, this slice of the procurement pie is just too tempting for the GREEDY to pass by.  These GREEDY people place us and our program in danger – please read on.   

The VA OIG conducted a 2 year investigation and found the VA annually awarded at least $500 million in contract dollars to companies fraudulently claiming to be Veteran-Owned and controlled.  That same report said that over the next 5 years, the VA will award about $2.5 billion in VOSB and SDVOSB contracts to ineligible businesses if it does not strengthen oversight and verification procedures.  

Well my friends, the VA has stepped up to the plate!  Has anyone reading this tried to get their business registered and verified in the Vendor Information Pages (VIP) lately?  If so, you also know the burden of proof requirements have gotten considerably tougher.  So, where do we fit in?  We can support the VA’s efforts to strengthen the program – we can police ourselves as necessary – we can continue to “Study Ourselves Approved,” as a friend of mine loves to remind us.  When we’ve reached the limits of our own understanding and we’re still faced with a challenge, a dilemma, or a problem – we can reach out and get help. 

Let’s keep VOSB and SDVOSB dollars where they belong – in the Veteran community.

See you on the high ground! 


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