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“little fish, BIG POND”

This post will start with a definition of key terms used throughout.  They are as follows:

“little fish” = small business

“BIG POND” = ALL federal procurements

 If the “BIG FISH” can and does feed in the “little pond,” then it’s only fair that the “little fish” feed in the “BIG POND”.  Turn about is fair play, right?  Sure it is, but how do we make that happen?  There are several combinations of strategic alliances and engagement strategies that can cause this to be a reality.

Some of the strategic alliances and/or engagement strategies include the Mentor Protégé Programs, Joint Ventures, Teaming, SBA 8(a) Business Development and traditional Prime and Sub relationships.  Be advised, there are various costs associated with each of these options, you need to understand that fact going in. 

 When we employ the strategic alliances and engagement strategies identified above, we will help make it possible for the “little fish” to feed in the “BIG POND.”  Oh, and let me add, we can find capable partners with all the classifications, certifications and qualifications mentioned above in OUR community!  Remember T.E.A.M.  


See you on the high ground!



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“BIG FISH, little pond”

This post will start with a definition of key terms used throughout.  They are as follows:

“BIG FISH” = large business

“little pond” = small business and the 23% of federal contract awards 

There are far too many “BIG FISH” swimming, hunting and feeding in our “little pond!” Everybody seems to know it, but no one in power really wants to do anything about it.  No one wants to change it and fix it.  Perhaps no one has the incentive to change it.  What is the reason for not taking real, substantial, substantive measures to identify and severely punish ALL violators?  We all have our differing opinions about that question. 

So, if we have “BIG FISH” feeding in the “little pond,” are we really getting 23% of ALL federal contract dollars coming to our small business community?  Of course not!  Looks like we have to continue to fight for everything we get, even things and opportunities promised to us in the Small Business Reauthorization Act of 1997.  

Don’t get so caught up in the ruse of fighting this national tragedy and this national disgrace of the “BIG FISH” feeding in the “little pond”.  Otherwise, we will end up fighting each other over a larger piece of that juvenile 23% of federal contract dollars promised in statute to the small business community. 


See you on the high ground!


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Verification, Law of the Land?

The “Small Business Contracting Fraud Prevention Act of 2011” (S.633) was passed by the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship with unanimous consent on September 21.  The bill mandates that all federal agencies verify SDVOSB status through the Veterans Affairs VetBiz database of certified SDVOSB.  All federal Contracting Officers would verify SDVOSB status of businesses that bid on government contracts before contracts are awarded. 

With this legislation and Veteran Affairs ratcheting up the verification requirements and completely scrubbing the VIP database, things should start to look better for VOSBs and SDVOSBs.  More contract awards should begin to flow to legitimate businesses owned and controlled by Veterans and Service-Disabled Veterans.  If and or when this Act becomes law, will it eliminate ALL the fraud in our program – of course not.  Is it a step in the right direction – of course it is. 

At this point, the best we can do is comply with the requirements placed on us, continue to police ourselves and observe what the real impact of this legislation will be. 


See you on the high ground!



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“Fly Like An Eagle”

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ | Into the future | Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ | Into the future | Feed the babies | Who don’t have enough to eat | Shoe the children | With no shoes on their feet | House the people | Livin’ in the street | Oh, oh, there’s a solution.  Yes, you’re right, I did it again.  I used words from another song to relay another important message to us. 

Many of you will recognize the words above as those from the “album” (for the more seasoned readers) or CD (for the younger readers), “Fly Like An Eagle” by the Steve Miller Band.  The title cut from that album is of the same name, “Fly Like An Eagle.”  The words are actually from the 1st and 3rd verses of the song.  They represent to me the possibilities of what can happen to each of us.  The words also represent the extremes of what is possible in our businesses. 

I will start or grow my business when__________________ – you fill in the blank.  Fill it in with any reason, event, specific future date or time or excuse you choose.  I believe that you will find and some have already found the time for starting or expanding our businesses has indeed slipped into the future.  You are not where you wanted to be, you are not where you thought you’d be.  And if you’re honest with yourself, the time to execute seems farther away now than ever.  The economy is too bad – I can’t get a loan – I don’t know what I want to sell – We’re in a good, comfortable and safe place right now – We can’t take on more business right now. 

But, when we choose the opposite extreme, when we choose to execute, we can have such a powerful impact on our community, our brothers and sisters, our nation and the economy.  When we start and grow our VOSBs and SDVOSBs, we can hire other Veterans, we can help other Veterans, we can touch other Veterans lives, we can give some person back their dignity.  Far too many of us are Livin’ in the street.  How is it possible that the richest, most powerful country in the history of the world has U.S. Armed Forces Veterans counted among our unemployed and homeless population? 

Oh, oh, there’s a solution, and that solution is found in the Veteran-Owned Small Business community. 


See you on the high ground!  


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