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Special Request – Need Your Feedback

Hey guys, we need you to do us a really HUGE favor.  At this point in our journey together, we feel it is time to check-in and take our pulse.  We need you to comment on the quality and utility of the information covered in this blog and on the Veterans Business Resources page on Facebook.  

Does the information presented here speak to your concerns or should it go in a totally different direction?  If so, what direction?  Is this information relevant, educational and useful or just a repeat of things you already know?  

Thank you all in advance for taking time out of your busy schedules to honor our request to review the information and provide us with your incredibly valuable feedback.  Please be as specific as possible in your feedback.


See you on the high ground!  


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“Nothing Comes to Sleepers”

With the sunshine comes the dawning on a day | Still another dream has come and slipped away | Scattered visions of the things you want to be | Make you open up your mind and try to see | How to make dreams come true | Ohh life is but a dream…Nothing Comes to Sleepers but a Dream.  Some of you might recognize these words as the first verse of the song “Nothing Comes to Sleepers,” by that 1970s and 1980s funk band, the Gap Band. 

Even if you recognized the words, you still might ask yourself what they have to do with Government Contracting.  The words to this song serve as a reminder to me and everyone reading this post that we can’t “SLEEP” (procrastinate) on our opportunity and our responsibility to help the U.S. economy recover.  We know the economic engine that will drive this recovery is the Small Business, specifically the Veteran-Owned Small Business.  I want Veterans and our businesses to be at the very forefront in leading the U.S. economy back to prominence. 

The words of this song also remind us that a dream without a plan of execution to make it a reality is just another dream that has come and slipped away.  Many of us have visions of starting new businesses; others of us have visions of expanding our existing businesses – the dream.  The time to execute is now!  How to make dreams come true.  When we combine these two perspectives, it should be easy to see that without a plan to compliment our dreams and without execution of that plan, “Nothing Comes to Sleepers but a Dream.” 


See you on the high ground!



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