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Collateral Damage of the Super Committee’s Super Failure

Well, it’s official; we have a “Super Failure by the Super Committee.”  I will not comment on how or why the failure occurred, instead, I will make just a few observations on the fallout that will surely happen as a result of their inaction.  The collateral damage will be felt on many fronts as what didn’t happen in D.C. will ripple all across America.  

CNN just ran a story talking about the cutbacks at the Pentagon over the next decade.  Many ACAT 1 programs are going to be significantly scaled back if not terminated all together.  Programs like the Air Force’s F35 that is arguably one of the greatest fighter jets ever built.  Unfortunately, the F35 is also many years and hundreds of million of dollars over budget.  Lockheed Martin is the major defense contractor on that program.  Just think about all the subcontractors on all the different tiers that contribute to that program.  That equals a lot of people earning a lot less income, but still having the same responsibilities. 

There have also been discussions about either reducing health care coverage, increasing out of pocket co-pay expenses or both.  Do you see where this is going?  Who are some of the people employed by Lockheed Martin that are about to get pink slips when funding for the F35 Program is reduced?  Some of those people were promised the government would support and defend them just like they once promised to support and defend the constitution.  Reneging on promises made to Veterans is a huge consideration for future generations of warfighters and should not to be taken lightly. 

I mentioned Lockheed, but fear not, other DoD darlings and industry giants will stumble and fall also.  These observations are just my read of the tea leaves.  What do you think?  Will there be collateral damage and fallout?  If so, how do we best prepare?  Let us know your thoughts. 

See you on the high ground!



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“The Art of Fighting without Fighting”

All you movie buffs out here will recognize the line above from Bruce Lee’s epic, “Enter the Dragon.”  Bruce Lee, John Saxon and Jim Kelly’s characters had just flown to Hong Kong and boarded the ship headed to Mr. Han’s Island for the world’s greatest karate tournament and fights.  Anyway, Bruce Lee is challenged by a bully to fight on the ship.  His challenger asks, “What is your style anyway,” to which Bruce responds, “The Art of Fighting without Fighting.”

So how do we fight injustice like the VA’s Senior Procurement Executive, Mr. Jan R. Frye’s arbitrary and capricious abuse of power in totally ignoring and disobeying Public Law 109-461?  Apparently Mr. Frye thinks he is above the law.  Others have wrongly believed they were above the law, only to find they are not.  The question is what are we going to do about this abuse of power and the crushing impact it has on the “Veterans First Contracting Program” at VA?  Allow me to suggest that we use “The Art of Fighting without Fighting.”

We have elected officials that represent us!  They have the power, the means and the access to quickly influence, change or stop this kind of non-sense.  Since none of us can directly take on Mr. Frye and his anti-Veteran actions, let’s allow our elected officials to work on our behalf.  Allow them an opportunity to earn their pay.  Allow them an opportunity to show us why they should continue to receive our votes.  Give them a call, write them a letter, send them an email or whatever you have to do to, but do something to make them understand your displeasure with these events.  This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable, especially from a fellow Veteran.


See you on the high ground!


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The Fight Continues, but Against a Surprising Enemy

I think all VOSBs and SDVOSBs understood that we would have to fight to achieve the parity and fairness goals we sought in the Federal Contracting Arena.  A huge part of that battle has already been fought and won.  No longer does one Federal Contracting Program have priority over another.  There is now parity among the programs, at least in print.  

The “Parity in Contracting” challenge was just one of many battles in the war for justice, fairness and equality in Federal Contracting.  As war fighters, we are prepared for war on any front at any time.  What makes this battle so difficult to accept is that we are fighting one of our own!  That’s right ladies and gentlemen; we are now battling against the dictates of a fellow Veteran.  This Veteran has taken it upon himself to overrule a GAO decision and mandated that everyone under his command follow his orders. 

Mr. Jan R. Frye, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Logistics, and VA’s Senior Procurement Executive directed that an “internal VA only email” be forwarded to all procurement personnel.  Mr. Frye’s message informs everyone that the GAO recommendation in a GAO Protest (Aldevra, B-405271 and B-405524, dated October 11, 2011) shall NOT be followed.  Mr. Frye’s email says that VA shall NOT honor the “Veterans First Contracting Program” and that they would continue to use the GSA schedule as their first option when letting contracts.  

Mr. Frye’s position is surprising and disappointing.  It is extremely disappointing that one of our own is so determined to fight against us!  This is considered Color of Law Abuse and is subject to the laws of abuse of authority


See you on the high ground!       


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“Occupy Wall Street”

Occupy Wall Street seems to have morphed into Occupy Anywhere USA – what is that demonstration really all about anyway?  I was reading through some comments people had sent in to various cable news outlets concerning that exact question.  The opinions varied greatly as you might expect.  I am not taking a position for or against in this post.  I merely see what is and offer suggestions on how some of the discontentment might be lessened.  

Almost without exception, of the people willing to be interviewed, photographed and quoted in the news, the Occupy Movement participants shared their discontentment with the balance of power and the lack of jobs.  One question I couldn’t quite shake was “how many in that silent majority are Veterans or family members of Veterans?”  How many of those Veterans can we help, how many can we employ, how many can we help provide a home for?  

I don’t pretend to know or even understand what motivates each person to join and participate in the Occupy Movement.  However, one thing is for sure, people are hurting.  They need us again -America needs us again.  “Time to ruck up or troop the gun line, again.”  They need us to create jobs.  They need us to grow our businesses.  They need us to get the economy on track again.  They need us to be the shinning examples of hope in what is still possible in America. 


See you on the high ground!


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