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“Occupy Wall Street”

Occupy Wall Street seems to have morphed into Occupy Anywhere USA – what is that demonstration really all about anyway?  I was reading through some comments people had sent in to various cable news outlets concerning that exact question.  The opinions varied greatly as you might expect.  I am not taking a position for or against in this post.  I merely see what is and offer suggestions on how some of the discontentment might be lessened.  

Almost without exception, of the people willing to be interviewed, photographed and quoted in the news, the Occupy Movement participants shared their discontentment with the balance of power and the lack of jobs.  One question I couldn’t quite shake was “how many in that silent majority are Veterans or family members of Veterans?”  How many of those Veterans can we help, how many can we employ, how many can we help provide a home for?  

I don’t pretend to know or even understand what motivates each person to join and participate in the Occupy Movement.  However, one thing is for sure, people are hurting.  They need us again -America needs us again.  “Time to ruck up or troop the gun line, again.”  They need us to create jobs.  They need us to grow our businesses.  They need us to get the economy on track again.  They need us to be the shinning examples of hope in what is still possible in America. 


See you on the high ground!



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4 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    What’s it about? Mostly it is meant as “The People” telling congress that we are sick of them passing laws that destroy us for the benefit of big business.

    When they passed the law to give Corporations the SAME RIGHTS as a CITIZEN rather than an Entity, with tax loopholes, and other ‘backdoor’ means of raping the working people that support this country, We keep putting all those dollars into Pharmaceuticals (and the subsequent lawsuits for damages by them) and Taxes that just keep on going up up up, and the banks going bust because they’ve misued funds entrusted to them….

    Get it? This country is OWNED by corporations now, the people are just the sand being squished between their toes. The Corporations make the rules in congress, they back only those candidates they have in their pockets, and our Congress made a law that allows them to contribute ‘ananomously’ through as many backdoors as they can create. We the people really have no voice in the government anymore – it’s all ‘handled’ by the Corporations who are now the biggest, baddest, sumbitch on the block.

    If you don’t want to become a socialist contry where the people are just cattle to be driven to slaughter, then you need to start taking notice of what the “government” is doing, stop them by “occupy the courts” or whatever means you have. Before long censorship will extend to the internet (it already does thanks to Google, Yahoo, and Al Gore) until you are put in jail because someone captured your IP address when you wrote something they didn’t like.

    Big Brother has been transformed into the Incredible Hulk by our congress and the courts. That big green guy gives me the creeps. But, what is creepier still is knowing that your privacy is only in your mind. Everything you say or do could easily be on ‘candid camera’ someplace in one of the ‘black ops’ hidden in Washington.

    No, I’m not paranoid, I was in the Military for 18 years and I know how it works (because it was my job to know!).

    • Kim – Happy New Year! Wow! Thanks for your feedback to the post. I really appreciate your observations and you taking time to share them with everyone following VBR. I can tell that you are really passionate about this issue and feel strongly that all Americans should share your passion and concern. To be clear, I didn’t feel qualified or close enough to the issues to express an informed opinion about the specific goals of the Occupy Movement. I do know that part of the issues surround jobs and employment. My piece is designed to convey that message to fellow Veterans and challenge us to get back in the business of service to the nation once again. This time, our service to the nation is as job creators and employers. Veterans have a special opportunity and I feel responsibility to share in the possibilities of the American Dream, not only for ourselves, but for others as well. Again, thanks for your observations and sharing them with us.

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