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The Fight Continues, but Against a Surprising Enemy

I think all VOSBs and SDVOSBs understood that we would have to fight to achieve the parity and fairness goals we sought in the Federal Contracting Arena.  A huge part of that battle has already been fought and won.  No longer does one Federal Contracting Program have priority over another.  There is now parity among the programs, at least in print.  

The “Parity in Contracting” challenge was just one of many battles in the war for justice, fairness and equality in Federal Contracting.  As war fighters, we are prepared for war on any front at any time.  What makes this battle so difficult to accept is that we are fighting one of our own!  That’s right ladies and gentlemen; we are now battling against the dictates of a fellow Veteran.  This Veteran has taken it upon himself to overrule a GAO decision and mandated that everyone under his command follow his orders. 

Mr. Jan R. Frye, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Logistics, and VA’s Senior Procurement Executive directed that an “internal VA only email” be forwarded to all procurement personnel.  Mr. Frye’s message informs everyone that the GAO recommendation in a GAO Protest (Aldevra, B-405271 and B-405524, dated October 11, 2011) shall NOT be followed.  Mr. Frye’s email says that VA shall NOT honor the “Veterans First Contracting Program” and that they would continue to use the GSA schedule as their first option when letting contracts.  

Mr. Frye’s position is surprising and disappointing.  It is extremely disappointing that one of our own is so determined to fight against us!  This is considered Color of Law Abuse and is subject to the laws of abuse of authority


See you on the high ground!       



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