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The Road Ahead – 2012 and Beyond

Competition has always been stiff when it comes to winning government contracts.  NEWS FLASH:  The competition will be even stiffer in 2012!  “WHY?”  For that answer, lets look at the facts – we have a massive deficit that MUST be reduced.  Everyone agrees that’s the case and the right thing to do, but how – where do we start.  The easy place to start is with the biggest budget.  That would be the DoD, who has the largest budget by far and spends more money than anybody.

Many, if not most contractors have a portion of their businesses tied to the cash cow that is DoD.  Everyone doing business with a federal agency needs to sharpen their pencils, reduce their profit margins, restructure supplier pricing and payment agreements etc.  Also, consider that when portions of revenue streams or entire revenue streams dry up, the Big Boys will look elsewhere to make up those losses.  The entire Small Business community, especially the Veteran-Owned Small-Business community is susceptible to exploitation.

In the past, big business has successfully taken advantage of the Small Business community to the tune of millions and possibly even billions of dollars.  Fraud and abuse of the federal procurement system continues to be a problem as miscoding of procurement actions and bundling of requirements all contribute to inflated contract goal attainment numbers.

The honor system of identifying yourself as a VOSB doesn’t work.  We have seen the results of that approach too many times.  Sadly, shell companies and lies lead to major contract wins for big business.  The Small Business community has to work together more than ever in 2012.  Get ready, the pressure and competition for Small Business contract dollars will get tougher still.


See you on the high ground!  



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Invest in Your Personal Development

Like many Veterans reading this post, I too tried a variety of non-military related endeavors during my military career.  I admit to trying one that most have heard about, but some are reluctant to admit trying themselves.  I tried Network Marketing!  Actually, I tried Network Marketing multiple times during my career as a soldier.  Each Network Marketing organization I was part of required the members to invest in their personal development.  Whether it be reading personal development books, listening to tapes and CDs or attending seminars.  The bottom line was to grow and develop – to improve. 

Here is another small confession.  I never grew my organizations to the levels of success many in the Network Marketing world desire.  As a result, I was naturally disappointed, but after taking inventory of where I started from to where I ultimately ended up, I realized my journey was a success.  The key to personal success and ultimately to team success is based in large part on how much and how well we develop.  For many people, the real value in Network Marketing is not how much money you can earn, but instead on the training, the leadership, the networking and the personal development you gain.  Kind of sounds like the military doesn’t it?  Training, leadership, networking and personal development.  Didn’t we all get those in the military?  Of course we did. 

Robert Kiyosaki, speaker and best selling author of the “Rich Dad” book series is a strong advocate of Network Marketing.  He always recommends it, in his books, during speaking engagements and other public appearances.  Robert understands the intrinsic value, strength, utility and the genuine need for networks and teams.  An excellent way to develop those skill sets is through Network Marketing.  

This article is not written to suggest joining a Network Marketing organization.  It is however, written to encourage you to continue to “Invest in Your Personal Development,” because you are your single best opportunity for success.  Only you can make this commitment.  2012 is a great year to be the best you can be.  Just do it! 


See you on the high ground!         


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Invest in Your Contracting Education

As a Procurement Consultant, I am often asked many questions about Government Contracting.  Without boasting, allow me to make this statement that we can accept as a given.  “I know my business, period!”  I can answer most questions asked of me without needing to conduct any research at all.  Other questions, however, require research and are in many cases quite intriguing.  They are the questions or situations I am curious about and want to know answers to myself! 

The results are always positive.  I learn something new and my clients receive the information they were seeking.  Everyone wins!  This process continues to refine my skills as a Procurement Consultant, solidifies my reputation for delivering top quality results, all the while ensuring the client’s needs are met and in most cases exceeded.  While both the client and I receive a positive from the exchange above, I believe the rewards to my Contracting Education are greater. 

Every Government Contracting question and every Government Contracting situation that forces you to stop, to conduct research, to think about or to inquire about only serves to strengthen your Contracting Education. 

Are you investing in your Contracting Education?  If so, how?  Tell us what you’re doing and with what results.  


See you on the high ground! 

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Mission First, Soldier Always!

Recently I had an opportunity to participate with one of our star clients Mrs. Royalyn Reid, President and CEO of CMI in their annual Medrano PRIDE Community Service Pep Rally.  I had the pleasure of addressing a gym full of screaming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  Mrs. Reid and CMI are freely sharing of their financial success and good fortune in giving back to the community.  They adopted this middle school 2 years ago and this year are enlisting their help in a letter writing campaign for our service members stationed around the world during this coming holiday season.

While virtually every Veteran reading this post understands what its like to be on duty far, far away from home and away from family during the holiday season.  Some people reading this may not have had that experience.  All Veterans reading this post know that when you wear the uniform, the mission will always dictate just how much of the holiday spirit and cheer you can enjoy, and rightfully so.  Also, while almost every Veteran reading this post understands what its like to have “mail call” while in the field, on maneuvers or whatever your service happens to call it.  Still, others may not.

Can you imagine seeing a truck full of mail heading to your location and you absolutely knowing several pieces of the mail is addressed to you?  Can you imagine standing in a formation of 600 or so service members waiting for your name to be called during “mail call,” only to have “mail call” end without your name being called a single time?  Can you imagine having this scene play itself out for you week after week, month after month?  Can you imagine how devastating that is for a young person?  Can you imagine how devastating that is for anybody?

What Mrs. Reid, her staff and the students at Medrano Middle School are doing with their letter writing campaign will absolutely make a huge difference in the lives of many young and old service members during this holiday season.  Many of the kids are probably too young to truly understand the significance of their actions, but take it from someone who knows.  Folks, what they are doing is absolutely huge!


See you on the high ground!


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