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Invest in Your Contracting Education

As a Procurement Consultant, I am often asked many questions about Government Contracting.  Without boasting, allow me to make this statement that we can accept as a given.  “I know my business, period!”  I can answer most questions asked of me without needing to conduct any research at all.  Other questions, however, require research and are in many cases quite intriguing.  They are the questions or situations I am curious about and want to know answers to myself! 

The results are always positive.  I learn something new and my clients receive the information they were seeking.  Everyone wins!  This process continues to refine my skills as a Procurement Consultant, solidifies my reputation for delivering top quality results, all the while ensuring the client’s needs are met and in most cases exceeded.  While both the client and I receive a positive from the exchange above, I believe the rewards to my Contracting Education are greater. 

Every Government Contracting question and every Government Contracting situation that forces you to stop, to conduct research, to think about or to inquire about only serves to strengthen your Contracting Education. 

Are you investing in your Contracting Education?  If so, how?  Tell us what you’re doing and with what results.  


See you on the high ground! 


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