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PMCS for your VOSB

Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) for your Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB).  Today, pulling maintenance on your business is just as important as when you pulled maintenance on your vehicle or other equipment all those years ago as a young troop.  After you were properly trained, tested and qualified, your leaders held you responsible and accountable for that (fill in the blank).

In my world, at that time, it was an M109A2 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer.  A multi-million dollar piece of equipment that was like the American Express credit card to the Infantry and Armor units we supported.  There position was “Never leave home without it.”  Since the Field Artillery is the “King of Battle,” not being ready at a moments notice was never an option.  Ahhh, what great memories.  Now, it’s back to our story.

We were qualified to perform all the maintenance, checks and services listed in the – 10.  Anything above that was referred to a higher level of maintenance.  It’s very similar in business as well.  There are some areas that you are qualified to check and others that you are not (this will obviously depend on your education, background and expertise).  It’s your responsibility to learn what those things are and get busy checking them – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly – whatever is necessary.

It’s also your responsibility to learn what areas of your business require a higher level of expertise than you possess.  When you identify those areas, don’t hesitate to elevate those requirements to a higher level of maintenance.  You would never hesitate to elevate problems with your M109A2 to a higher maintenance – don’t hesitate with your VOSB either.

See you on the high ground!           



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Lessons Learned in Network Marketing

I stated earlier that I ventured into the world of Network Marketing, and on more than one occasion.  I also stated earlier that I never grew my businesses to those lofty levels and achieved the success that most Network Marketers dream of.  The reasons for that lack of success are many, trust me.  All or most of which rested squarely on my shoulders.  On second thought, make that ALL.  “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”  

First and foremost, I couldn’t get out of my own way.  Looking at the businesses logically always stood in the way for me.  What does that look like?  Wanting to know and understand every aspect of the business before sharing it with the masses.  Later, while reflecting on my experiences, I realized I knew far more about the businesses than I gave myself credit for.  The learning and the take away – excitement and passion carry the day.  Have you ever seen the movie “Boiler Room?”  If not, I strongly encourage you to get it, watch it and study it.  

Second and closely tied to the first reason is negative self talk.  You know, what if I’m asked a question I can’t answer?  What if I forget everything I rehearsed and completely bomb?  What if nobody shows for the home/business/opportunity meeting?  Slowly that nasty four letter word starts creeping into your head.  That’s right, FEAR.  False Evidence Appearing Real. 

Third, there is always a fallback position.  Some will, some won’t, so what – NEXT!  Some people will see your vision, feel your fire and tell you –“sign me up!”  Some people can’t or won’t make a decision even if their life depended on it – “bless their heart.”  Some people are just negative and nasty.  But you my friend are on a mission – you’ve got a business to build.


See you on the high ground!


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Work ON Your VOSB, Not Just IN Your VOSB

Let’s continue along a line of thought and discussion that should concern all of us, whether we’re in business or not.  That discussion centers on IMPROVEMENT.  How do we improve?  How do we get better?  How do we increase our situational awareness?  How do we reduce if not totally eliminate the hidden traps and unseen dangers?  How do we prepare for the unknowns?  I believe we can all agree that improvement, in some fashion, is necessary for advancement in life as well as in business. 

For those of us currently in business and for those considering starting a business, it is critically important for us to improve.  We’ve already devoted some time and discussion to investing in our Personal and Professional Development.  Now, I want us to consider where we can expect to see the results of those efforts.  We can and will see improvement in our businesses, but there is more.  We can not afford to get so caught up working in our businesses that we forget to work on our businesses.  

Recently, I was reminded of this fact as I listened to one of our star clients speak at a business networking event.  This client spoke of the tremendous growth that happened in their past business.  They were so involved in the daily operations of their business that they didn’t plan for and properly manage the explosive growth that happened to their business.   Sadly, they lost their business. 

When we are one or two deep in our businesses, we wear multiple hats.  It is easy to spend all of our time working in our businesses as everything is left up to us.  If it happens, it’s because we made it happen.  Remember to make and take time to work on your businesses; their long term growth and survival depend on it. 


See you on the high ground! 


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“For the Love of Money”

The legendary O’Jays recorded a song in 1974 titled “For the Love of Money.”  The lyrics of that song are as true today as they were when Eddie Levert penned them in 1973.  Check this out; For the love of money | People will steal from their mother | For the love of money | People will rob their own brother | For the love of money | People will lie, Lord, they will cheat | For the love of money | People don’t care who they hurt or beat.

For the past several weeks and throughout the VBR blog, we’ve talked about education, specifically Government Contracting education.  We believe it’s important that each of us understand as much as possible about the business and processes of contracting with the government.  There are countless business opportunities and proposals awaiting your arrival to the world of Government Contracting, and believe me, they will come.

Likewise, there are countless minefields awaiting your arrival to the world of Government Contracting.  The challenge for each of us is successfully navigating those minefields.  I’m sure it’s just me, but do the rules seem to favor the Big Boys?  When they do something wrong; accidentally or intentionally, there are hardly any consequences whatsoever.  When something goes wrong with a VOSB or SDVOSB, there are severe penalties, every time!

At the end of the day, we must all ask ourselves one question.  Just days into the New Year, most of us already know how we want this year to unfold.  In 2012, what will we do “For the Love of Money?”  

See you on the high ground!

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