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“Medrano Pride” – letter writing for our troops

I was pleased to be asked to speak recently to DISD Medrano Middle School students during the “Medrano Pride” Initiative. Royalyn Reid, CEO of CMI and a Government Contracting SBDC superstar client, adopted the school last year. This year, Mrs. Reid and CMI challenged the students to participate in a holiday letter writing campaign to the men and women of our military who were in active service to the nation during the holiday season. It is important to note that the students were asked to write the letters over their Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. 

I spoke to the students about the importance of their letter writing campaign and what the letters would mean to our troops. I’ve been on the receiving end of letters from strangers and know first hand how they made me feel and what they meant in my life. It is difficult to adequately describe exactly how much receiving those letters lifted my spirits. The students felt my genuine passion and embraced the importance of the letter writing campaign by responding with over 4,500 letters. The USO Office was touched by the students’ efforts and reported that Medrano Middle School turned in the most letters of any single group.

I’m flattered that Mrs. Reid would say, “Tim’s contributions as a speaker and role model for the kick-off event and celebration finale made a big difference!”


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There Are no Free Lunches

(Stay tuned for a new video lecture series here on VBR)

Ladies and gentlemen, in the 21st century we can get virtually anything we want – for a fee.  Fifty plus years ago when JFK talked about going to outer space, most Americans could not even conceive such.  Today, for a cool $20 million, you too can take a ride into outer space.  Just a small example of what you can do with the right resources.  Without resources your options are severely limited.

Out here in this concrete jungle, “there are no free lunches.”  Michael Franks, Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, composer and lyrical genius says, “its dog eat dog and rat eat rat.”  As much as we would like the world to not be that way, the sad reality is quite the opposite.  In far too many instances Michael was right, it truly is “dog eat dog and rat eat rat.”

You are in the process of creating options for you and your family.  Why should you expect or hope to receive a free lunch?  Quality cost.  There is no way to get around it.  You get what you pay for.  In a competitive marketplace you may be able to shop around and get a better price, you may even get the best price – but make no mistake about it, there is still a price – there is still a cost.  There are no free lunches.


See you on the high ground!


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Filling the Knowledge Gaps in Your VOSB

What are knowledge gaps?  They are simply gaps between what you know and what you need to know to grow your VOSB.  Knowledge gaps exist in every facet of life.  Even the smartest person among you has knowledge gaps.  One challenge for the Veteran seeking to grow your business is to know both what you do and do not know.  Then having the courage and the resolve to fill those knowledge gaps.

There are several ways to fill knowledge gaps.  You might hire the knowledge you don’t organically possess.  That’s a good option, if you can afford to hire a specialized employee.  You might opt to burn the midnight oil and study to gain the specific skills you lack.  How long, unproductive and frustrating might this option be?  You could hire temporary specialized help and not have to list them as employees.

As your business grows, you will come to realize that “Government Contracting is a Team Sport”.  That simply means you will need specialized help along the way.  You will encounter tax, legal, business development, financial planning, social media, web development, capture management, logistics and distribution challenges just to name a few.

No matter how smart you are, you can’t know everything.  There will be situations and challenges that stop you dead in your tracks.  How you choose to handle those challenges will determine your personal growth and development.  Seeking out the skill sets to fill the knowledge gaps that exist in your company will also determine its growth and development.  Don’t hesitate to fill those knowledge gaps.


See you on the high ground! 


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“What is Your Reason Why?”

Why is perhaps the most important question in the English language.  Research shows that when you understand why; your buy in is much greater, your resolve to finish what you started is stronger.  When you understand why, your big picture view becomes so much clearer.  When you understand your why, the forces of the universe conspire to make the seemingly impossible, possible.  When you understand and live your why, you’ll find yourself in what athletes call “The Zone”.

As you continue to build your businesses, you will need to have a clear vision of your why.  Your resolve will be tested as you stretch beyond your comfort zone and go through the growing pains that are certain to come.  You must remember the Three Simple Truths about Government Contracting.

Friends, when you know and live your why, all the Hard Work you invest in your business – won’t matter.  When you know and live your why, all the Time you spend working, studying, researching, planning and developing your business – won’t matter.  Finally, when you start winning, and you will, you will know that Government Contracting is Worth It.

It all starts with knowing your why.


See you on the high ground!

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